31 May, 2013

CFBWMR 4 - Jar-Jar Binks is a RACIST!

VladyGG and HGF return with this TOTALLY LIVE PODCAST! No edits. This is the first time we've ever done this and if it works may lead to us doing podcasts where you can listen in live. We talk CHUCK movie; I give advice to GAME OF THRONES fans; talk Star Trek ENTERPRISE; gush about ORPHAN BLACK and Tatiana Maslany; touch on Dan Harmon's potential return to COMMUNITY; my spider coffee story; ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT season 4; and more "fake outrage" talk.

WARNING: Actually, none really. We don't talk about any spoilers. Every discussion is safe if you've not watched the shows discussed. Oh wait... ADULT LANGUAGE THROUGHOUT!

Oh and I know I said "MR MS" during the "Game of Thrones" discussion when it is clearly MS MR. This is what happens when you do it live.

Topics and times noted below.

00:00 Intro: Alice in Chains - Hollow
00:37 opening babble
06:35 CHUCK movie discussion (how fans can help)
13:55 my GAME OF THRONES suggestion for non-book readers re: final episodes of S3
17:29 Star Trek talk, mostly ENTERPRISE (and Scott Bakula going viral)
22:53 ORPHAN BLACK and the incredible Tatiana Maslany
24:15 things go way wrong recording wise (Prelude to War interlude)
28:07 VladyGG is returned by the kidnappers (Prelude to War continues)
29:55 COMMUNITY and Dan Harmon's possible return
32:54 the spider in my coffee incident
34:10 ARRESTED DEVELOPMENT season 4 (if you listen to only one thing, choose this)
45:21 "fake outrage" discussion
52:45 end babble
54:10 Outro: Daft Punk - Derezzed

Press play below.

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  1. yay vladygg is back. you guys have great chemistry.

  2. Yeah! Vlad's back! As the comment above says, you guys have great on air chemistry.

    I like the live format. Mostly because Magnus spills some stuff. I didn't know Zac try to by Chuck. lol. I'm all in when it comes to the Chuck movie thing. Hopfully others will join in as well.

    I totally agree with the fake outrage. You see that all the time. Star wars, AD, etc. Sometimes expectations are just way too high.

  3. If Veronica Mars comes out and doesn't make any money then i'm thinking that will sour Warner Bros. on making any more big screen movies for cult television series.

    Another thing is when Chuck was on the air it seemed like every fan was on the internet talking about Chuck but since it ended and the fans got a conclusion they don't seem to have a great passion for it anymore.

    Although don't know how passionate Chuck fans are right now compared to Veronica mars fan.

    It might still be comparable to that.

    Another thing that worries me is over on Chucktv.net that lady named Mel will probably have some idea to get a Chuck movie that won't work and a lot of the fans will adopt her idea.

    You know instead of actually doing what Magnus says.

    1. You are probably right... on all accounts.

  4. Great podcast. Agree with most everything. You guys ever consider doing a comedy podcast?

  5. How the hell do you guys make a 3 minute racist rant introduction to Arrested Development and not mention FRANKLIN!!!!!!

  6. Also my big problem with the new Arrested Development is that the scenes from seasons 1-3 were about a minute minute and a half and hit you rapid fire. Because they had to work around the original casts schedule and focus on one character at a time it suffered. Hopefully they can do a season five and get everyones schedule back on track and really get a good season (or movie) out of it.

    1. We kind of skimmed past it but I had meant to touch on them putting out too much material when they probably only needed 10 episodes at 30 minutes each.

  7. Hi, i'm a french (nobody is perfect ^^) chuck fan and i listen your podcasts since two years. Ok, chuck fans have to do something to create the illusion, petitions are on twitter and facebook i signed none of them because none are "official", they are inefficient. I think Zac has to do the first step, developing "the massive illusion plan" like doing a webpage on nerdmachine.com devoted to a chuck movie wherein fans indicate how much money they would be ready to give to finance a chuck movie (with a goal for the minimum number of participants and the amount to collect. As a kickstarter project but there are only pledges to encourage WB to launch an official crowdfunding project) or encouragon fans to post messages on WB twitter or facebook or directly to WB.com.
    And the Nerd HQ at SDCC this summer would be the best place to involve fans to a chuck movie project.

    When i see that 7 years after Veronica Mars ended, there will be a movie, i don't see why we couldn't do the same for Chuck (moreover chuck was more watched than VM and chuck is more recent that VM)

    Sorry for my english, just know there are fans outside the USA who are ready to begin the fight, it's now up to Zac (and Yvonne, Adam, etc) to give the starting signal.


    PS: Daft punk, good choice, THE french touch ^^

    1. While petitions can certainly create an illusion, no one pays any attention to them, which is why they are a waste of time.