08 January, 2013

FOB Die Hard

War! It's faaaaaaantastic!


  1. Just to let you know Michael Weaver aka Dick Duffy from the Chuck episode Chuck Versus the Cougars is on the 3rd season of the Joe Schmo Show. As soon as I saw him on the show I knew it was him and I thought to let you guys know.

    1. Thanks, Greg.

      But what did you think of THIS video? ;)

    2. I liked the video and the part about the skittles and also how you thought he was taking your red car. You guys are really good at killing people in this game. But I don't know what FOB means though and I also like the team america world police little song you put in there. It was sad when you died at the end though.

    3. I should have put that in the video... FOB stands for forward operating base. It is any base set up to support tactical operations in the field. You build it up (which is why we had to keep going to get supplies) and then use it to run operations closer to enemy positions without having to run back to the main base over and over.

      Anyway, thanks for watching and commenting!