12 November, 2012

Review - The Walking Dead 3.05: "Say The Word"

I almost made this review one sentence long and all caps, something like "MICHONNE SLAUGHTERING THE CAGED WALKERS IS FUCKING AWESOME!". Because otherwise this episode seemed like a whole lot of show and not much movement. Virtually the whole episode is dedicated to the menial task of getting baby formula, and the mysterious event taking place in Woodbury; only one of which has a halfway decent pay-off. But I'll run through a few things I enjoyed, and others I didn't.

I liked the opening with the suburban looking scene in Woodbury, for me it emphasizes Michonne's uneasiness with the whole idea of the town being a really nice looking cage (also somewhat analogized with the caged walkers). Rick and everyone else may be living in an actual prison, but they have a freedom that the Woodbury clan doesn't. Second, I'm glad the baby is fine but already this worries me. I'm not opposed to the show focusing on the more everyday aspects of survival like getting food, water etc.; but this episode really dragged out what seemed like a pretty simple supply run. Babies, as in real life, can drag shows down, hopefully this will not be the case for Little Ass Kicker. Rick going insane was sort of what I expected so we'll see where things go next week on that.

I'm continuing to enjoy the Governor's true nature being revealed piece-by-piece, first with his daughter at the beginning and then with the gladiator style death match at the end. David Morrisey does a good job of maintaing the calm exterior and making the crazy aspects seem totally normal, which in turn makes it creepier. The fun of the match made up for the boredom of watching Woodbury take a day off, at least more so than finally seeing Maggie find baby formula in a cabinet. I'm also glad Michonne gave Andrea that ultimatum and didn't stick around, I'm betting she's going to find the other group next week which should move things along. And based on her reaction to the zombie fight club and the previews it doesn't look like Andrea will be far behind her. 

I give this one a 70 out of 100- who was phoning Rick in the prison? Pizza delivery? Telemarketers? The aliens?

Quotes, fun facts, whatnot…

-The Governor: "She's all personality that one."

-Was anyone else expecting a horde of toddler zombies to be in that creepy daycare center? After expressing that thought out loud during the episode I realized that is probably the most terrifying type of zombie I could imagine: literal ankle biters! 

-Daryl is quickly climbing the list to the title of  "Perfect Man": rugged, heroic, quiets crying infants...

- Merle, king of zombie fight club!

-Apparently that thing Rick picked up off the ground was the bullet that Carl shot Lori with- "Bullet that Saved the World" eh Fringe peeps?

- For Sons of Anarchy fans: Merle's opponent was Hector Salazar aka the dude who kidnapped Tara at the end of S.3.


  1. Lori was calling Rick on the phone.
    He starts going batshit cray cray and imagine's phone calls from her every once and a while.

    It is known. Wrong show for that quote but fuck it!

    1. And she's like... "You know nothing, Jon Snow."

      It is known.

    2. Yeah and he's like holy shit the Ironborn were right!
      What is dead may never die bitch!

  2. I'm just realizing that Walking Dead's 5.6 A18-49 rating beat everything on the broadcast networks except Sunday Night Football. Even Big Bang Theory only had a 5.1 rating as the highest rated broadcast non-sports show.

    The 10PM repeat adds another 1.6 to that total. There are NBC comedies that would die for a 1.6.

    Just amazing how popular this show is.

  3. No don't kill it .........

    Those ratings just prove that people love brutal TV
    I've been trying to think of another show in the last 10 years that pulls no punches just like The Walking Dead


  4. Does Maggie know about Merle's abandonment on the Atlanta rooftop? Someone please advise when she found out about this, if she did?

    1. I don't remember if it was covered in the show but if she knows about it in the next episode (doesn't need to have it explained), then just figure she was told about him at some point.