17 October, 2012

Review -- CASTLE 5.04: 'Murder He Wrote'

If you didn't like this week's episode of 'Castle', may I suggest that you just stop watching entirely.

Sure, you could complain about the ridiculous twist at the end, the ridiculousness of a dead body falling into his pool or Castle being the best detective ever -- but that would just make you a bitch. Kinda like the one I've been accused of being on Furycast 46, of which, of course, we all know to be patently false.

We're not watching this show for realism, after all. That was just plain-old fun, with odes to 'Murder She Wrote' and 'Scooby-Doo', Esposito and Ryan poking around Beckett's love life, Beckett looking especially gorgeous and the usual goofy and fun moments between Castle and Beckett. I mean, if you didn't laugh at Ryan going crazy in his interrogation, this is not the show for you.

And speaking of Ryan, I was proud of him not telling Esposito and respecting their privacy. Normally, I would have fully expected one of those guys to parlay valuable information like that into Castle bribing them with nice things. I wonder if Ryan will say anything to Castle and/or Beckett when they get back to New York in next week's episode.

Not much else to say, other than this was a fun all-around episode and that this season has been very good in the early going. It's clear that getting those two together has not ruined the show one bit, and it seems to have given the show a spark that it really needed. I just hope they don't do anything stupid and create unnecessary relationship drama that leads them to break up. Some fights here or there and some drama are OK, but nothing over-the-top, please.


--RYAN: "Girlfriend ... what do you mean, girlfriend?"
--LERNER: "What does that matter?"
--RYAN: "HEY! I'll ask the questions here, pal! Are you telling me that Richard Castle brought his girlfriend in your interrogation!?

--CHIEF BRADY: ''Not to sound all Scooby, but he might have gotten away with it if it weren't for you, Castle."

--BECKETT: "Do I get writer's credit?"
--CASTLE: "We'll talk."


--Really? Mentioning the murder is enough for an arrest for interfering with an investigation? And even if it were, wasn't the "investigation" over at that point in the minds of the Chief?

--Haha, a stupid reference to Caskett. I like it, as well as his "Kate-ick" suggestion.

--Castle loves his terrible puns and terrible jokes: "Hey Lerner, killer boat." And the "Cook the book" line.

--Worst. Crime. Boss. Ever.

----I enjoyed how Beckett was trying to get freaky with Castle and he was distracted, then later it was the other way around.

--What was the point of the shooting star at the end?

THE SCORE: 87 out of 100


  1. Agree I thought it was hilarious, one of the funniest eps of the entire series IMO. It's interesting because last week was a perfect example of Castle at its lamest (boring case of the week and not much else going on in terms of story or humor), and this week was a perfect example of Castle at its best. I guess they are capable of making those one right after the other.

    I laughed really hard a bunch during the ep but I'd say my favorite part had to be Ryan's interrogation scene. Priceless.

    They are 2 for 4 so far on really funny eps this season, and actually even though the premiere was a "serious" ep, it had some really funny stuff in it as well. So maybe 3 for 4. I hope they can keep this up.

  2. I enjoyed it a lot. Shocked to see two episodes surrounding the relationship that work so well. What chemistry they didn't have before, they have tapped into now. Well, at least on hiding the relationship. I still have a hard time feeling an actual spark between them most of the time.

  3. Chiara (aka Chandramas )October 18, 2012 at 12:55 PM

    I wondered about the shooting start too!!!!!!

    I found hilarious the "I'm not scared of Beckett" phone call and also Stana Katic's face in the whole episode. Her expressions were priceless!!

    Also Nathan/Castle frustrated faces? Love them every episode more and more!

  4. The shooting star was a reference to The X-Files, the episode was directed by Rob Bowman.

    I think this is my favorite season so far although I love some drama too and it seems in two week's time we'll have the drama back.

    Marlowe's already said that once he brought the two characters together he wasn't going to break them up. He's going to have some fun with this relationship and as in every real relationship there's going to be some ups and downs.

    1. As an X-Files fan, I should be ashamed of not knowing that. Thanks, Sarah for answering that one for me.

  5. 30 Rock had a Castle reference last night. Something about old people watching it. Nice to know that Tina Fey is aware of the demographics of the show.