10 October, 2012

Furycast 46 - Where is Jimmy?

In this episode VladyGG and HGF discuss COMMUNITY, REVOLUTION, FRINGE, DEXTER, HOMELAND, ALPHAS, and play some listener phone-calls, plus more. All times and topics noted below.

Consider all discussions to have potential spoilers and only listen to that which you have watched or don't care to know about even if you haven't.

00:00 – 00:26 OPENING (Damned If I Do by Life Of Agony)
00:27 – 03:11 INTRO including talk of COMMUNITY premiere delay
03:12 – 10:33 REVOLUTION
10:34 – 16:24 FRINGE and the crazy Joshua Jackson fan(s)
16:25 – 19:07 DEXTER
19:08 – 19:11 HOMELAND
19:12 – 19:35 ALPHAS
19:36 – 27:19 Listener phone calls
27:20 – 30:49 End of podcast discussion including Eli, Jimmy, Plopper etc.
30:50 - 32:42 OUTRO (River Runs Red by Life of Agony)


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  1. Replies
    1. I know you guys were kidding. No worries. :)

      Great phone calls by the way. Timmy is out of control, in a good way. And Sven was funny.

      Oh and both Revolution and Dexter were good to.

    2. I fear what Timmy may do next week.

    3. It should be interesting.

      Btw, thanks for putting my name in the title. That's pretty cool. :)

    4. Jimmy, I envy you. With you we are kidding. When it comes to me (and my level of suck), we're not.

    5. Don't let Maguns get you down, Vlad. You're awesome. Maybe not as much as Jess. But still pretty awesome. ;)

  2. The ONE time I listen, this is how I get treated!?

    I may not be a true dork/geek like Magnus and VladdyGG, but at least I have good taste and watch Homeland. Seriously, what's wrong with you, Vlad?

    While I agree with the caller that I suck, I'd like to know his reasons so I can see how they compare to my own.

    1. I don't think Sven said you suck. I think he said you are a bitch. ;)

      But at least you watch HOMELAND. What the fuck is wrong with Vlad?

    2. Well to begin with, I have to get over my white hot hate for Claire Danes. After I resolve that, I should be good to go.

    3. Yes... that well known white hot hate for an actor no one hates.

    4. If by no one you mean me. Then yes. I don't need to be part of a club. I have my reasons.

    5. Please, enlighten us with your nonsense.

    6. I'll save it for the cast...;)

  3. HGF has tapped into genius with those phone calls.

  4. Make fun of Joshua jackson fans all you want to, you don't understand that Peter was underwritten and underdeveloped and we Peter/Josh fans think Josh has too much talent to have a character like that.

    1. This is why you are such a twat... because I DO UNDERSTAND. I've said as much in my reviews. But you just apply the same bullshit analysis to everyone who doesn't follow along with your exact insane ideology.

      I love Mr. Jackson. I think he should have been the main character.


      Respectfully, me.