30 August, 2012

Review -- WHITE COLLAR 4.07: 'Compromising Positions'

I regretfully announce to all those who watched 'Compromising Positions' that this was not the worst episode of 'White Collar' this season. Just seven episodes into Season 4, this clunker should represent the low-point of the early going.

But sadly that is not the case, because what happened in last week's installment wasn't a horrible nightmare -- it actually happened. 

To be fair, this episode wasn't all that horrendous. It did give us a few goodies: the return of Sarah and the crazy-awkward-amusing-humorous fake sex scene with Peter, Neal up to his usual shenanigans behind Peter's back and Neal enjoying himself as a witness in a trial.

After last week's debacle, I was at least hoping for a good case-of-the-week. While it was a bit different and entertaining at times, it ultimately failed. This chick, the fixer, knows everyone and everything about everybody, but didn't know about the existence of Neal Caffrey? Not buying it. While she didn't fall for the compromising pictures trick, she did fall for Peter/Mozzie's plan which she seemed way too smart for. Another thing that enraged me: the defendant at trial reacting to Neal being an FBI informant. He was looking nervous and talking loudly to his attorney, basically admitting his guilt to the jury. Totally ridiculous. All bad guys know to sit still and not react -- that jury is watching your every move.

And how many damn times do we need to see a new character introduced warn Peter about Neal eventually getting Peter into trouble with his antics?

The key the upcoming episodes, and essentially the rest of this season, is where the season-long arc goes. Who killed Ellen? can we trust Sam? What are we going to discover about Neal's father and who can and can't we trust within the FBI? I dont know how this will all play out, but all this crap reminds me of the 'Castle' arcs. It's just cliche to have corrupt cops/FBI agents and conspiracies involved in a show like this.

I would say this show can do better, but Season 4 so far has given me no reason to think it can.

I'm worried.


--NEAL (to Mozzie): "Before you go assassinating apples in Aruba, I need you to help me."

--PETER: "Which gives us creative license to make those photos real."
--ELIZABETH: "What?"
--PETER: "No, I mean, not real. Look real. Real-looking. And you can completely be there."
--ELIZABETH: "In the photos?"
--PETER: "No, No, I mean you can watch."
--SARAH: "Yeah, because that won't be awkward."

--NEAL: "Romance-novel cover right there."

--NEAL: "OK, I think we got it. That's a wrap."

PETER (to Mozzie): "Where did you come from?"
MOZZIE (to Peter): "Forty-five years ago, an enigma gave a paradox a very special hug."


--I'm surprised it took this long for the show to put Neal into a courtroom again. It was fun seeing him as a witness.

--Question: Do people want to see Neal and Sarah back together? Or do we want to see him involved with different chicks on a regular basis, a la 'Seinfeld'? I most enjoy when he's single and often gets linked to the guest stars in the episode.

--This week's installment of 'Eli is a creep': I would love to see him with Alex, who will be returning to the show soon. Not only is she stunningly breathtaking, but her character is fun, they have lots of history and she is basically the female version of him. Fun all-around.

THE SCORE: 57 out of 100

The case was iffy and we didn't learn anything new whatsoever. The only thing giving it this high of a score is that scene with Peter and Sarah.

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  1. I thought this week's kicked last week all over the place and took its lunch money.

    Though, Neal keeping shit from Peter AGAIN... oh brother. The show in general is mashing the "will they won't they button" on Peter and Neal's bromance. What a bore.