01 August, 2012

Review -- WHITE COLLAR 4.04: 'Parting Shots'

Before we get into Tuesday's episode, I would like to take a brief moment to brag about being right regarding what was going to happen to Helen. AND about how long it would take Peter to get his job back. (check the evidence if you don't believe me).

Now back to your regularly scheduled programming...

With that bragging out of the way, there's no need for me to once again complain about the show being a tad predictable. At the very least, 'Parting Shots' was a massive improvement over last-week's episode that was a complete snooze-fest.

It had some of the things we love most about this show: Neal at his charming, con-manning best. We got to see the hat trick. We got to see a beautiful woman. We got to see a beautiful woman doing the hat trick! And anytime Neal is fully involved in the action by utilizing his skill sets to help solve a crime is fine by me.

As for the season-arc involving Neal's (possibly) corrupt police officer of a father, that storyline moves forward with the possible murder of Helen. If someone wants her dead, obviously she knew too much already or was on the path of doing so. I hope this story turns out to be more interesting than a simple: he wasn't really a crooked cop, he was just framed! We've all seen that one on a million different shows already.

If the show ends up misfiring on that arc, that will be a problem. Hopefully they continue to give us fun cases with hot guest stars. It would also be nice if Mozzie were to get more involved. I need him scheming with Neal on some big score or something.


NEAL: "Well, you can add theft to that list -- she stole my hat!"

MOZZIE: "You came in with a suit-induced frown -- can I help?"

PETER: "I think we found our widow of opportunity. Get it? Without the 'N'"

AGENT HUGHES: "So your plan is to put $50 million into the personal bank account of a con-man who recently fled to a remote island with no extradition?"


--One week off of the White Collar Division and Peter is rusty. Neal Armstrong!?

--I'm sorry, Neal, but: When Sophie does the hat trick > When Neal does the hat trick

--Prediction: Neal tracks down Sarah's lost sister to get back into her good graces. 

--I petition the Screen Actors Guild, showrunners, writers and anyone else that will listen to ban the phrase: "Was any of it real?" So cliche. So lame. So god damn unoriginal.

THE SCORE: 79 out of 100


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  2. Apparently my reviews drive such an incredible amount of traffic to the site, that people are desperate to advertise on my posts.

    I'm going with that theory.

    1. Just wait until you write that SUITS review.

    2. I could not believe that they reset the fucking arcs so quickly. I mean I understand that networks and studios and show runners are scared shitless of losing ratings if the status quo is not preservered but 2 fucking episodes? what the fuck!

      I have no faith in this show to actually switch things up at all. At least with Chuck they made an effort to give character progress even though a lot of their arcs were 2 episode long, lol, but this is just bullshit.

      Whatever, good luck to them.

    3. On the same day, they also reset the COVERT AFFAIRS arc.

      Seems like USA tossed down the "we're never going to change things up for more than a few episodes" gauntlet.

      And none of us should be surprised.

  3. Just caught up on episode 2,3&4, I have to say I liked 4 better, but I want to throw in some season predictions, that halfway through the season after Neil and Sarah get back together,(i agree with the finding sister thing) that the chick from the island will arrive to add some tension to the relationship, which will take 3-4 episodes to resolve. It will then just at the end of the season see Sarah have to go with her sister somewhere due to past people coming to hunt her which is why she was lost? Neil is sad, Elizabeth says dont worry be happy, then last shot of season is Neil seeing a hot chick, flips the hat, smiles, and walks towards her, end of season.

  4. ELLEN. And the preview could be misleading.