10 August, 2012

Review - SUITS 2.08: 'Rewind'

How you feel about 'Rewind' depends on whether or not you're a person who loves flashback episodes or hates them.

I don't know where I stand on those types of episodes, but as the reviewer of Suits, I should probably take a stance one way or the other, huh?

In this particular installment, I was perfectly fine with it. Because not only did it answer some questions, give us some background and share a few fun moments, but it also helped leapfrog us into the next storyline of Pearson against Hardman.

Things we learned about:

*How Mike got his start into taking tests for people and why he did it
*How Mike met Jenny and how she ended up with Trevor
*How the firm found out about Hardman's embezzlement, what he was doing with the money and how they dealt with him
*How Harvey climbed to partner
*How Donna knows everything
*Why Zoe left the firm
*Harvey's relationship with his father (boring)

Some of those I could have done without and slept just fine, but in a normal episode we probably wouldn't have learned about any of these things, so 'Rewind' wasn't a waste of time. But nor was it as great or memorable as I think some fans were expecting it to be.

Moving forward in the storyline, it seems fairly obvious the end result will be Pearson > Hardman. After all, he's a guest star on this show and Gina Torres is one of the main cast members. And let's be honest, USA shows don't tinker with the status-quo for longer than two episodes. It will be interesting to see how it plays out and the drama that the firm will go through over the next few episodes before the hiatus.

One last note: Seriously, how great is the chemistry between Harvey and Donna? They were at their best in this one. And thankfully, we'll get to see more of that sooner rather than later.


--HARVEY (on phone): "No team from Boston is going undefeated when the road goes through New York." (Ha! Suck it, Boston fans! FYI ... I was born in Boston and spent the first 25 years of my life in Massachusetts. I don't like New York teams, either, though.)

--DONNA (to Rachel): "You're weird. We'll be friends."

--DONNA (to Harvey): "Finally, an office big enough for your balls."

--HARVEY (to Jessica): "One more thing: I'm getting Donna back."


--Two episodes in a row quoting 'A Few Good Men'. I could get used to this!
--People with photographic memories make me sick. I hate them. Not only are they brilliant and not only do they automatically own tests, but they have a fool-proof way to pick up chicks.

--I know it's a small world, but I hate when shows do the whole "they've actually crossed paths before!" No, that never happened. And if you're going to do that stupid thing, at least make it funny or clever. That was neither.

--This episode set a record for sheer volume of beautiful women. No complaints here.

--Poor Scottie Pippen.

--How dare Zoe tell Harvey how to deal with his father's death.

--Not only did we not learn what exactly the Can Opener Ritual is all about or what it entails, but now we don't know how the thumb tacks are involved in all of this. I am bewildered.

--If you DO love flashback episodes, take a look at this. (And in particular, notice to the second one in the slideshow)

THE SCORE: 81 out of 100


  1. Harvey's dad was his tether to humanity. The "kill me if i ever look like that guy" moment was cute.

  2. "No team from Boston is going undefeated when the road goes through New York." - Harvey Spector

    Travis Tanner (from a firm in Boston) was undefeated before going up against Harvey Spector (from a firm in New York).

    Mind blown.

  3. This episode was great - I love when movies or TV shows jump around in time, it reminds me of Quentin Tarantino movies and overall just makes things more interesting/fun to watch than a linear storyline. I especially thought that Mike's backstory was interesting, just to see how he got on the path that led to Pearson/Hardman.

    Also I love some of the dreamy songs that added to the whole environment created by telling a story with flashbacks, specifically Junip’s “Without You” which plays as Harvey has a flashback on the train, and “Thursday” by Asobi Seksu plays as Nikki finds out Mike is a genius. Totally different styles of music but both create the same soothing, dreamy emotion.