02 October, 2013

Review - SOUTH PARK 17.02: 'Informative Murder Porn'

Last week the SOUTH PARK writing core group of one shoved their libertarian bullshit down our throats with a deft hand only a moon-landing-hoax-screaming-besotted-conspiracy-nut and fake-Navy-SEAL who was also once the governor of a Midwestern state could deliver.

In this episode, adults need their investigative murder porn. Kids fight the creeps with content blocking apps. Cable companies suck. No one actually wants DirecTV. Minecraft is about punching trees and building shit.

Here's what our heroic writing core of one was trying to say:

Some of you really love creepy sex shows about people doing creepy sex things to people. It's somehow legal and really popular. Minecraft is about exploring. Burger King changed its name to Fries King even though they make the worst freedom fries on the planet. That last part wasn't in the episode but it's important.

If I had to rate this one, and virtually every popular show on primetime TV says I do, I'd give it:

95 out of 100

Don't bother commenting on this article. I've pre-banned you all.


How DO YOU tame a horse in Minecraft? I play Terraria. Actually, don't tell me. I'll figure it out the old fashioned way. Wikipedia.


This episode may actually have been trying to say that the awful things we watch on TV or play in video games don't actually cause us to become terrible people. Maybe it's just a few bad people on the planet who do bad things and we over hype those events due to our 24-hour news cycles which are just entertainment information porn.

Also, cable bundles force you to buy channels you never watch. It's actually how these channels stay in business. So. Is. That. Bad?

I take it back. This was about shoving libertarian ideology down our throats.

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