10 May, 2013



  1. http://www.deadline.com/2013/05/community-is-coming-back-will-dan-harmon-return-too/

    1. I don't understand that article... NBC just picked it up... why is it talking about picking it up for a final installment by someone else? Who wrote this shit?

      And I don't believe they will ever bring Dan back to run the show. THAT IS MY DREAM but Sony fired him because they are massive pussies not because he ran the show overbudget.

    2. I'm pretty sure they are just blowing smoke . Though Deadline is a highly credible source . If it came from some gossip site or somewhere else I'd call BS in a second , but ... we'll have to see .
      On one hand , SONY is 16 eps away from 100 and although they only got an initial order for 13 they don't really need Dan to get them there :( . Quality wise they most definitely do but financially wise , they don't . I was just re-reading Dan's tumblr post from last year when he found out he was let go and it kind of made me wonder if this could really happen . Sony never really gave him an official reason .
      Maybe now that a year has gone by and Sony can see the backlash from fans about this season , maybe they go to Dan and say " look you asshole , you ARE COMMUNITY . We are going to produce 13 more episodes of the show . Here's what your budget will be - go make the show the way you want to but make sure the ans feel satisfied with the ending " .
      Doubtful it would go down like that , but how awesome would that be ?

    3. Studio executives are spineless shits. They don't take things back unless they absolutely have to.

      Just look at what happened with 2.5 Men. It was the biggest fuckin' show on television and they still fired the lead. Studio executives think EVERYONE is replaceable and have no appreciation for talent.