29 September, 2012

Review - DOCTOR WHO: 'The Angels Take Manhattan'




If I had to rate this episode, and why would I want to, I'd give it:

But if I had to rate it after my tears have dried, then I'd give it:

85 out of 100

Goodbye Amy Pond. Life isn't worth living anymore without you in it. Goodbye Rory. I can survive without you but you were cool too.

Best review ever.


  1. best review ever! miss you ammelia.....

  2. Great episode. I'm gonna miss the Ponds. I haven't got that emotional since Rose left or when 10 regenerated into 11.

    But im looking forward to meeting the new companion now. It just sucks we have to wait untill Christmas. Ah well.

    Goodbye Ponds.

  3. Moffat has found gold with the Weeping Angels episodes. I think Blink was one of my favs (thanks to Carrie Mulligan).
    The Ponds farewell was sad of course but the reading of the last page was the heart ripper. You bastard Moffat, making this old piece of shit cry like a little girl.
    Here's the question I'd like to see answered on the show. What happens when an Angel and a Dalek are in the same room. Can a one-eyed stare from a mechanical/organic life form freeze an Angel? Can a Dalek "EXTERMINATE" an Angel? ...nevrbluffs