22 May, 2012

Geek Furious the Podcast Episode 25 - Fuck Sony... and Not in a Good Way

Vlady GG and HGF discuss tons of topics from Metallica to Dan Harmon, to Diablo 3, Avengers and CHUCK. Times of each topic detailed below for your convenience. Either listen to the whole thing or just listen to the parts that interest you.

Intro 0:00-02:46
Metallica 02:47-15:34
Dan Harmon Firing 15:35-28:10
Tenacious D 28:11-30:36
Diablo 3 30:37-31:57
FRINGE 31:58-32:04
THE AVENGERS 32:05-39:53
Bear McCreary's Mandala in the Clouds interlude 39:54-40:20
SPIDER-MAN 40:21-41:14
Back to Avengers and some Secret Wars 41:15-42:35
Maryploppins 42:36-43:04
CHUCK 43:05-44:43
ANCHORMAN 2 44:44-44:48
Goodbyes 44:48-44:50
Outro 44:51-45:17

Auto-playing for nefarious reasons.

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  1. While I agree that Season 4 of Community will be "Community in Name Only", it's clear that Sony will be happy as long as they have the episode count for syndication.

    I can't shake the feeling that the move to Friday isn't necessarily permanent. It's NBC. Anything can happen. All they need is for one of their new comedies to perform badly like "Free Agents" did last year and they may move either Whitney or Community into that slot.

    I also can't overestimate the tastes of the American viewer. The ratings may not drop that much as people think they will because of Harmon's absence.

    1. As we talked about on the previous podcast, most people have no clue who Harmon is anyway, so the backlash will be tiny. However, the move to Friday may damage its ratings more than any backlash ever could anyway.

      We saw what happened to CHUCK. I expect the same to happen to CINO.

      Oh, and I forgot to quote your numbers in the podcast. I had every intention, but every time I made a mental note to do so, that fucker Vlad interrupted me and I would forget about it.

      That dirty shitmonkey!

    2. HGF,

      You offend me. Me? Dirty? For shame.

    3. I was predicting that Community's ratings would be down because of the move even before I knew about Harmon's departure. Harmon's departure hasn't changed my mind to make it even worse.

      I just know that nothing is set in stone in regards to Fall schedules.

      BTW-You may be interested to know that only 30% of viewers watch 4 out of 4 Community episodes according to Nielsen data. 54% watch 3 or 4 out of 4. It's a loyal "fanbase" but not as loyal as people probably imagine.

      Almost half (46%) watch only 1 or 2 in a 4-episode run.

  2. Awesome podcast guys. I'm going to definitely check out Vlad's Chuck91 article I've read the others and they were great so i cant wait for this one. It sucks that Dan Harmon is gone, I really like Community. It's right up there with Chuck for me, but like you said the majority isn't going to see any difference or know that this happend, so we'll see what happens. And finally Coulson Lives!!!

    1. haha! Don't beat yourself up Magnus....I'm sure there's at least one more out there, maybe two. :p

    2. If we count the GF crew, then we have 8!

      That's with you added in.

    3. Well its better than 0 right. lol

    4. Jimmy, you rule. Thanks for the support.

  3. Is there a chance that Community will be better without Harmon? I mean when Two and a Half Men rebooted 28 million fans tuned in to have a looky lou, is it possible that if NBC promote the fuck out of this change and fans tune in and the show is more generic or accessible than could ratings go up? Could this be a good move?

    1. There is no way it will be better without Harmon. How many shows are ever "better" without their creators? Very, very, very few. Could it be more successful? Doubt it. No on Fridays.

    2. I'll just be looking to see if it does better in the timeslot than other programs have. Chuck averaged a 0.97 over its run. "Who do You Think You Are" replaced Chuck in 1Q and averaged a .98 over its run.

      Those are the benchmarks Whitney and Community will be judged against. A network is happy if it improves the time period, even if that time period is on Friday. They still sell it to advertisers.

      Community averaged a 1.53 this spring. If its ratings drop just 25% in the move, it would still be higher than last season's shows did in the timeslot.

  4. Dan Harmon is the Steve Jobs of the tv industry .

    I will at least go into this season with an open mind . How long I continue to watch ? We'll see .