07 May, 2012

CHUCK Month: Remembering Chuckfest!

What started as a crazy idea by a CHUCK fan, turned into three charity events that raised a ton of money. So, let's relive the awesomeness below... because we can.

The first Chuckfest was called Chuckfest 2010 because we had the great idea to have one each year. Thinking back on it, we should have just gone with Chuckfest I or Chuckfest Part I or something, since Chuckfest2 would happen later that year.

The video was mostly shot and almost completely edited by my fellow podcaster, Jess.

Chuckfest2, which happened very quickly and mostly on a whim, didn't end up with an official event video for several reasons, but Princess Bailey and KJ did shoot some pre-event footage of the fans and that made it into a video.

Terribly edited by me.

Finally, Chuckfest3, clearly our best event, ended up with TOO MUCH FOOTAGE that literally killed my old PC. After CHUCK fans donated to my PC rebuild fund, it was unleashed on the masses.

First I put out a teaser which was an homage to the old Star Wars behind the scenes videos Lucas Online used to put up during the making of Episode III.

And then I finally unleashed the whole thing, once the PC was rebuilt.

A great time was had by all and I will be forever thankful to all the people who made it happen and to the WeHeartChuck crew for putting up with me and my insanity. And of course to those CHUCK fans who donated their cash, time, and effort.

Not to mention everyone who worked on CHUCK who gave up their time.


WARNING: If it's not a WeHeartChuck event, it's probably going to bomb. ;)


  1. Hella Fun planning and putting these on. Some lost sleep, some frayed nerves but in the end it clicked each time. Tough part was being the only west coaster :-)

    I am blessed to have been a part of it from the beginning.

    The Chuck Fans and Cast Family just friggin ROCK!

  2. I was at Chuckfest3 and it was one of, if not the most amazing experience of my life. Met so many people and all the wonderful actors who were so kind and attentive. Looking back, it would feel like a dream if not for that video. Thank you WeHeartChuck group for all you did.

  3. I called Wendy "Queen Wendy" at Chuckfest but I don't know if she heard me or ignored me lol. Great work everyone. Had sooooo much fun.

  4. One of the best experiences of my life. Without it, I'd never know Wendy, Tess, Jess, Magnus, BAILEY, KJ, Christi, Tabin, and all of the other many wonderful people who are now in my life. xo