20 May, 2012

CHUCK 91 - 1.04: Chuck Versus the Wookiee

The fourth episode of the series introduces Sarah's troublesome friend, Carina.

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And now, presenting episode 4 of 91:


Chuck, Sarah, Morgan, Ellie and Awesome are eating pizza and playing a game which involves getting points for correctly answering personal information about your partner. Awesome correctly answers a question about Ellie and we get the impression they have been winning the game. It’s Chuck’s turn to ask a question to Sarah.
Chuck: Okay, easy, my all-time favorite pet.
Sarah: Ummmmmm. Cocker spaniel. Peaches.
Chuck and Sarah celebrate her correct answer. Morgan intervenes.
Morgan: Wrong. Incorrect. It was a springer spaniel named “Peaches II”, not to be confused with the original Peaches, who got hit by a car.
Chuck looks surprised.
Ellie: I think we can just give it to Sarah, Morgan.
Chuck: (to Ellie) You told me the original Peaches ran away.
Ellie: (lying) She did. She did.
While Morgan is asking a question to Chuck about his humiliating childhood nickname, the perspective switches briefly to someone looking in the window.
Chuck: I promised Morgan I would never say it out loud. (Morgan gives him permission). Okay. Organ.
While Morgan celebrates, Chuck notices Sarah removing olives from her pizza. It’s Sarah’s turn to ask a question of Chuck.
Sarah: Most dangerous situation ever.
Chuck clears his throat while obviously thinking about Sarah’s real profession.
Chuck: Fixing a flat tire on the freeway?
She holds up a sign that says “Sunburn. Ouch.”
Sarah: I was nine and we were on a family vacation and my sister and I put on baby oil instead of sunscreen.
The view switches again to someone watching through the window. Inside, Sarah notices something and looks at the window. Chuck gets a card that he doesn’t like.
Chuck: OK, most hated person ever.
Everyone seems to know the answer except Sarah. Sarah: Harry Tang?
Everyone shakes their head. Chuck is forgiving.
Morgan: It’s Bryce Larkin. How could you not know Bryce Larkin? He pretended to be his buddy, sexed up his girl and got him kicked out of Stanford. If Chuck is Solo, Larkin is his Fett.

Chuck and Sarah are leaving the apartment, saying goodbye to Ellie and holding hands like a real couple. Once they are sure no one is watching, they let go.
Chuck: We did great tonight.
Sarah: Yeah, I like to win, but Morgan clearly has an edge.
As Chuck is talking about Morgan, the perspective switches that of someone watching them.
Sarah: He’s like the Intersect on you.
Chuck: Wish I could access your file and know everything there is to know about you, but the stupid thing doesn’t really work like that.
Sarah: Well, you could always ask me.
Chuck: Really…ummmm…okay… ummm…well, I know that you and Bryce worked together, but how close were the two of you exactly?
Sarah: Uh, well, Bryce was my partner, but, we were never really friends if that’s what you’re asking.
Chuck: Right. So, your relationship was like “hey, you go get that bad guy." Or, “nice judo chop.” Or “how ‘bout those Redskins.” Or something like that?
Sarah: (a little uncomfortable) Well, you know, when you’re undercover you’re still you, but the details are different.
The perspective switches again to that of someone watching them.
Chuck: Well, speaking of details, some of those questions, we could’ve done better with.
Sarah: Which ones?
Chuck: (uncomfortable) You know those questions.
Sarah: Sex questions?
Chuck: There you go.
Sarah: Morgan did good with those too.
Chuck: Well, what exactly is our cover for that topic?
Sarah: Uh, (pause) We’re taking it slow.
Chuck: Right. Yeah. We’re being prudent. Aren’t we?
They hear a noise and are on alert until they see it’s Morgan. He's apologetic.
Morgan: Oh, you meant walk Sarah to her car. Makes sense. I don’t have a car.

Sarah is in her hotel room feeding her goldfish. There is still a feeling of someone stalking her. She turns on the shower and sees the reflection of a dark figure in the faucet. She grabs the soap and puts in her stocking, turning it into a weapon that she swings at the masked intruder. An intense fight proceeds—Sarah in a skimpy robe vs. the black-clothed opponent. Glass goes flying, including the goldfish bowl. Eventually, despite a bloody nose, Sarah gets the upper hand and pulls the hood from her combatant. It's a woman.
Sarah: I knew it was you. You always telegraph your punch.
Carina: Your bloody nose says otherwise.
Sarah: Your cover?
Carina: Carina. You?
Sarah: Sarah. Sarah Walker.
Carina: So, Sarah Walker, what brings the CIA to Los Angeles?
Sarah: The same thing that brings the DEA agent like yourself. A job.
Carina: Well, whatever it is, it’s boring.
Carina explains that her mission involves stealing a diamond and Sarah can help.
Sarah: Well, couldn’t you have just called?


Chuck exits his apartment and sees Carina standing the courtyard. It initiates a flash, which freaks him a little.

Chuck enters Casey’s apartment and alerts him and Sarah that an undercover DEA agent is in the courtyard. They know. They are having a video conference. Chuck sees General Beckman and Director Graham for the first time.
Chuck: Are they with us?
Casey: Shhhhhhhh.
Their mission is to help Carina “acquire” a diamond from Payman Alahi, an interational financier with the opium cartel, from his Malibu compound. They’re told to take Chuck so he can “flash” on the alarm system. Sarah has concerns.
Sarah: We can’t trust her. Chuck is way too valuable.
The director says the window is short. Casey is concerned, too.
Casey: I’ve had dealings with Carina, too. She can be a bit of a wild card.
Graham: We’re all aware of what happened in Prague, Agent Casey. (Sarah is smiling) Which is why you and agent Walker return the diamond to us and under no circumstances should Carina be entrusted with it.
Chuck: What happened in Prague? (silence) I don’t need to know.

They join Carina in the courtyard.
Carina: Hello, Casey, nice to see you with your pants on.
When Carina asks who Chuck is, Sarah says he’s an analyst. Morgan shows up and Sarah introduces him to Carina. Smitten, he kisses her hand.

At the Buy More, Morgan is telling Jeff and Lester about his encounter with Carina, embellishing it as if it was the start of a great romance. Chuck brings it down by saying Carina called Morgan “Martin”, but Morgan doesn't care. Morgan walks away.
Jeff: Morgan wasn’t made to mix with the female gender, unlike me.
Lester: (to Chuck) How do you get any female friction action with him third-wheeling you all the time?
Chuck: What does that even mean?
Lester: Sex.
Chuck: Can’t you just say that?
Lester: Yeah, I could. It lacks (beat) flavor.

Sarah is with Carina at the Wienerlicious trying to find out why Sarah is in Burbank and what Chuck’s role is.
Carina: What is he analyzing? You?
Sarah: Our cover is boyfriend/girlfriend.
Carina: Speaking of…sorry to hear about Bryce.
Sarah softens up and smiles.
Sarah: Thanks. It’s been hard
Carina: Of course, getting dead is an occupational hazard. (Sarah gets serious again) So, what’s the assignment here anyway?
Sarah: It’s top secret.
Carina: So, I guess I’ll just talk to Chuck myself.
Sarah: That’s not happening either.
Carina exits. Sarah pursues, but is stopped by her Wienerlicious boss.

Carina enters the Buy More. Morgan approaches her, but she doesn’t remember him. While Morgan re-introduces himself, her attention is on trying to find Chuck. Jeff and Lester are watching from the Nerd Herd desk.
Jeff: She is way too good for him.
Lester: She’s too good for the store. Is there a nicer establishment where beautiful people can shop?
Chuck arrives and is surprised to see Carina. Morgan begs Chuck to fix him up with Carina. Chuck is reluctant. Sarah has arrived and is arguing with Carina. After a lot of begging from Morgan, Chuck agrees to try to fix him up. He takes Sarah aside.
Chuck: I need to ask you a favor and feel free to say “no”. And by that I mean “say no”. But, could you fix Morgan up with Carina? (Sarah looks around. They are being watched intensely. Her mind is working.) Make sure you exaggerate “No”, so they can lip read it. They’re a little lame, but I think they can crack “No”.
Sarah: You know, that is a great idea.
Chuck: No, it’s not! "No" is the answer!
Sarah tells Carina that if she wants her help, she has to double-date with Morgan.
Carina: Small price to pay. Which one of these geeks is Morgan?
Sarah points him out. Carina gives Morgan a smile. He is giddy. Chuck is flabbergasted that Sarah did this.

Chuck, Sarah, Morgan, and Carina are at Chuck’s hanging out.
Carina: (to Chuck and Sarah) You guys are so cute. You’re like the cutest couple ever.
Chuck: Thanks. We’re doin’ good.
Sarah: (moves closer to Chuck) I think we’re doing VERY good, sweetie.
Carina asks how they met. Morgan tells them the story of meeting at the Buy More.
Sarah: So do you guys want to watch a movie or something?
Chuck: Good idea! (Sarah caresses his neck) Sweetie.
Morgan disagrees about watching the movie. He wants to know more about Carina. Carina is flirting like crazy with Morgan.
Morgan: Were you always this hot or did your recently find your hotness?
Carina: You’re so cute.

Chuck and Morgan are opening pizza in the kitchen.
Morgan: Man, dude, Carina is really into me.
Chuck: Seems that way, doesn’t it.
Morgan: What does that mean?
Chuck: What?
Morgan: The way you said that. “Seems”. Why wouldn’t she be into me?
Chuck: No, no, I’m sure she’s into you.

Sarah with Carina in living room.
Sarah: You, know you don’t have to be so ‘hands on’ with Morgan.
Carina: You said I was on a date. This is me on a date.
Sarah: You’re going to give him the wrong idea.
Carina: Oh, come on. I’m just giving the kid a thrill. I mean this place is like if a yawn could yawn. How do you stand it?
Sarah: I’m good here.
Carina: Yeah, right.

The four are watching a boring penguin movie. Morgan tries to get information about where Carina’s traveled to, but Chuck keeps shushing him and tells him "Argentina". This gets Carina’s attention. Morgan makes his move and asks if she wants to go be alone.

Chuck’s trying to sleep, but Morgan keeps calling to ask if Carina called about him. Chuck gets so frustrated that on the next call he starts yelling, but it’s actually a Nerd Herd call to come fix a computer.

Hotel room. Chuck knocks and Carina answers in a sexy outfit. There's no computer to fix. She just wants to pump him for information and try to seduce him. She strips down to her underwear and gets very close. Chuck nervously wants Sarah to be there.
Carina: If Sarah were here, I couldn’t seduce you, unless you’re into that sort of thing. (Chuck gulps a glass of champagne)…or maybe I’m wrong and you’re already sleeping with Sarah. Are you sleeping with Sarah?
Chuck: A gentleman never…
Carina: (assumes that means ‘no’) Oh, got it. Well, that makes sense considering Bryce.
Chuck: Bryce? Bryce? What are you talking about?
Carina: What, you don’t know about Bryce? Bryce Larkin? Her boyfriend.
Chuck is in shock.

The Weinerlicious. Chuck is barely paying attention as Sarah tries to brief him about the mission to find the diamond, but not steal it. Sarah notices something’s wrong with Chuck, but he denies it. Sarah’s adds one more piece of advice.
Sarah: Carina is not to be trusted
Chuck: (instant relief) Oh, Sarah. You have no idea how happy I am to hear you say that.
Sarah: Why?
Chuck: Well, Carina said something last night…
Sarah: …last night? (Chuck explains) What did she tell you? (her Wienerlicious boss tries to get Sarah back to work, but fails) What did she say?
Chuck: It doesn’t matter if it’s not true.
Sarah: Just tell me.
Chuck: Something about Bryce and you. You know. Being together.
Wienerlicious boss: (interrupting) I’m sure whatever you lovebirds are discussing is a matter of national security, but the catsup vat isn’t going to refill itself.
Sarah: (confronting him) Did you know 55% of accidents occur in the kitchen? And I’m sure most of them are accidents.
Chuck ponders Sarah’s reaction to his question. She sits down again.
Chuck: It’s not true, right? You and Bryce. That’s not true. Right?
Sarah: It was complicated.
Chuck: (angry) I thought you were supposed to be good at lying.
He leaves.

Payman’s Malibu compound. It's a pool party. Chuck complains that the white suit they gave him makes his boxers visible through his pants.
Carina: Well, I think you look very sexy. (she’s very ‘handsy’ as Sarah watches) I’m sure Sarah’s warned you about me. That I improvise…take risks?
Chuck: She might have mentioned something about that.
Carina brags about her arrest record and asks Chuck to trust her. She points out who Payman is. He’s an incredibly scrawny and hairy man in a Speedo surrounded by babes.
Chuck: Are you talking about SeƱor Wookiee over there?
Carina: Just grab a drink and look casual.
Chuck goes off. Sarah approaches and discusses the security, but then changes the subject.
Sarah: Why did you tell him about Bryce? You compromised my cover.
Carina: We’re on a mission here, Sarah. Try keeping you private life and work life separate for a change.
Sarah approaches Chuck. He tells her about the security cameras he’s spotted, identifying them in detail.
Sarah: Did you have a flash?

Chuck: No, they sell them in the spy shop at the Buy More plaza.

Casey is outside disguised as a limo driver. A guard asks him for a light and Casey advises him on the dangers of smoking.

Chuck, Sarah, and Carina break into the house.
Chuck: So, I guess if this was you and Bryce, we’d be breaking into the bedroom.
Sarah: Chuck, now is not the time.
They find the room with the diamond, but are discovered by Peyman and his guards. Sarah and Carina act like party girls who got lost with their brother. Payman sends the guards away and puts his arms around the girls. Carina gets him to reveal what would happen if they tried to steal the diamond: gas, guards, death. While Sarah distracts him by asking about the art outside the room, Chuck has a flash.
Chuck: The guy wearing the furry sweater failed to mention one significant security detail.
Carina: Like what?
Chuck: Twenty thousand volts of electricity protecting the stone.
Carina: Problematic. How are you going to fix that?
Chuck: You’re asking me?
Carina: Yeah. Sarah told me you’re supposed to have this really big brain.
Chuck suggests compressed air to knock it off the pedestal and finds a fire extinguisher. Carina “improvises” and uses it immediately. Chuck catches the flying diamond. Alarms goes off. Carina slides under the lowering door as Sarah yells at her. Chuck manages to get out, too. Sarah and Carina lead the charge to escape, dispensing with various guards, arguing with one another as they do so. Chuck follows. Sarah calls Casey to meet them on the beach. Casey grabs a Hummer.

Carina, Chuck and Sarah get to the beach with guards still in pursuit. Carina tries to convince them to give her the diamond and separate, but Sarah disagrees.
Carina: Chuck, trust me.
Sarah: (to Chuck) Remember what I said.
Chuck: Oh, yeah, which lie are you referring to? It’s so hard to keep track these days.
Chuck tosses the diamond to Carina, who presses a button on her watch and a jet ski appears from nowhere. She escapes.

Chuck and Sarah are still on the beach as guards approach. Fortunately, Casey drives up and picks them up.

Sarah is angry at Chuck inside the Hummer.
Sarah: I have to be able to trust you on a mission, Chuck, no matter you’re feeling about me personally.
Chuck: How was I supposed to know she would have a remote-controlled Jet Ski. It’s not usually an option in real life.
Sarah: Our orders were to bring the diamond in, Chuck.
Chuck asks what she will do with it. Casey explains that Carina will probably use it to advance her career. Sarah is changing into her Wienerlicious uniform in the backseat because she has to get to her shift. Carina calls to gloat, but Casey gets a trace on her phone. Chuck tries to sneak a peek of Sarah’s cleavage in the rear view mirror.
Casey: Eyes up front, soldier.

Carina arrives at her hotel. Morgan is in the lobby with flowers, but she walks past him.

Carina packs quickly in her hotel room. From the window, she sees Casey arrive. She rushes out.

Morgan is exiting the elevator as Carina gets to it. Seeing Casey approach, she grabs Morgan and kisses him. She drops the diamond into his shoulder bag. She breaks off the kiss and tells Morgan she’s getting over a relationship and can’t be with him. She pushes him back into the elevator and sends it down as Casey gets to her.

In Carina’s room, Casey looks for the diamond. Carina swears she doesn’t have it. She strips out of her clothes, daring him to search her.

Chuck’s back at work near Lester. Sarah approaches saying she hasn’t heard from Casey and will go check Carina’s hotel. She also tells him to stay home tonight.
Chuck: You don’t want my help?
Sarah: Not tonight.
Chuck: So, I’m off the team?
Sarah: No, Chuck. Just benched. But, we’re going to have to talk about what happened.
She leaves. Chuck is crestfallen.
Lester: Ooh, someone got a headache tonight.
Chuck: Yeah, that would be me.

Chuck is playing videogames at home. Morgan joins him. Chuck tells him about the fight with Sarah and Morgan tells Chuck about Carina kissing and dumping him.
Morgan: If our relationships don’t work out, it’s okay ’cause we got each other, don’t we?
Chuck: That’s really, really sad.
Morgan: I know.

Sarah breaks into Carina’s hotel room and finds Casey bound and gagged to the bed wearing just his underwear.
Sarah: Wow, just like Prague, huh?
She takes a picture with her phone.

Chuck finds the diamond in Morgan's messenger bag while looking for a videogame and flashes.

Chuck calls Sarah to tell her about the diamond. It’s not a drug diamond. It belongs to a Afghani terrorist group. On the other end of the call, Sarah has a gun trained on her by Payman and some guards.
Sarah: Chuck, find Carina and tell her to bring me the diamond. Please.

Chuck is yelling to Morgan from the kitchen that he has to leave. A masked figure appears.
Chuck: Listen. Go ahead and take whatever you want. I keep a little cash in my sock drawer. By little, I mean spare change.
The masked person motions for Chuck to give them something. Chuck thinks it’s the pizza. The stranger indicates the diamond. Chuck can’t give that. Chuck tries to run, but is blocked. He tosses the pizza plate and hits the intruder on the head. From the “ouch”, he recognizes Carina.
Carina: Fine, it’s me. The mask is so Martin won’t ID me. Now, give me the diamond.
Chuck: Wait. No, no, no. I need your help. Sarah’s in trouble.
Carina insists Sarah can take care of herself. Chuck’s in disbelief she won’t help her friend.
Carina: You know this thing we have? We’re all in it for ourselves. It’s what we do.
Chuck: That’s not what Sarah does.
Chuck guilts her about how Sarah saved her in Pakistan.
Chuck: With or without you, I’m going to save Sarah.
Carina relents and leaves. Chuck follows her as Morgan is yelling for pizza.

Sarah is being handcuffed by Payman and is taken from the hotel room. Casey is still cuffed to the bed. The goon who asked Casey for a light earlier blows cigar smoke into Casey’s face.

Chuck and Carina are at her trunk as she chooses weapons.
Carina: I don’t get it, Chuck. I thought you and Sarah were on the outs. Chuck: I made a mistake. I’m still getting used to how you guys have to lie about who you are.
Carina: You analysts don’t know what it’s like for us field agents. It’s our job. We shed identities like other people shed clothes.
Chuck: In your case, that’s quite often.
Carina: Try ‘em on. Like them or leave them. After a while, it doesn’t even matter.
Chuck: So, you don’t let anyone know who you really are?
Carina: Can’t. You might have to leave them in five minutes. Or shoot them in the head. Trust me. A spy doesn’t want you to know anything about them that’s real. No matter who you are.

In the hotel hallway, Carina tells Chuck to hold the diamond and prepares him for the mission.
Carina: If we’re still alive afterwards, why don’t we go up to my room?
Chuck: (slightly flustered) I’m still working on the “still alive” part.

Casey breaks the headboard he’s cuffed to and takes out the guard.

Carina and Chuck meet Payman and his men with a captured Sarah in the lobby. Carina is playing it coy about giving up the diamond, but the inexperienced Chuck is willing to do so. Carina grabs the diamond from him and dares them to take the diamond from her. Payman reveals the entire lobby is working for him.
Payman: What are you going to do? Fight us all? All by yourself?
Sarah: She’s not by herself.
Sarah and Carina talk to each other in a foreign language. In unison, they start fighting. Carina knocks Chuck away. He ends up under a table. The diamond goes flying and ends up in his hand.

Casey is coming down the elevator, still cuffed to a piece of the headboard. A mother and her daughter are wary of him.

While Sarah and Carina are fighting, Chuck escapes to the hotel’s business center and locks himself in. The bad guy will break in in any second. Chuck gets an idea and grabs a Fedex box, types out a label, and puts the diamond inside. A bad guy breaks in. Chuck threatens to throw the box down the mail shoot. Bad guy pauses.
Bad Guy: Now what?
Chuck: You know, I’m not sure. I hadn’t thought it through that far.
Casey enters and knocks the guy out. Chuck accidentally drops the box down the shoot and acts like nothing happened.

By videoconference, the team is congratulated by Beckman and Graham for various positive outcomes of the successful mission. Chuck is pleased. In the midst of the call, the two in Washington receive Chuck’s Fedex.

The courtyard. Casey says goodbye to Carina, leaving her with Chuck and Sarah.
Sarah: As much as I hate your methods (hugs her) it’s never a dull moment.
Carina: If you ever want a dull moment, check out your cover life.
Sarah: (glancing at Chuck) Well, we have our adventures.
Carina: Right.
Sarah: (to Chuck) Dinner tonight, so we can talk?
Chuck: Pizza?
Sarah: Sounds good.
As soon as Sarah leaves, Carina moves in on Chuck.
Carina: Sure you don’t want to come back to my hotel room?
Chuck: Ummm, as flattered and intimidated as I am by your proposition, why me?
Carina: Well, you’re sorta cut-ish. But, the real reason is I love taking what Sarah wants.
Chuck: (surprised) Me? No, Sarah doesn’t want me.
Carina: She probably doesn’t even know it herself yet. But, I do.
Chuck is left to ponder that for a while.

Chuck arrives with pizza at Sarah’s hotel room.
Chuck: Vegetarian. No olives. It’s the only thing I know about you that’s true. You don’t like olives.
Sarah: Thank you. Come in.
Chuck: I’m sorry about the beach. You’re absolutely right. I shouldn’t let my feelings affect the mission. And if you and Bryce had a thing, that makes sense. He always got the great girls. (Sarah is silent) I just wish I knew something real about you. Can’t you just tell me one true thing? (silence) Just one? Like where’d you grow up? Or, if that’s too much—I get it—what’s your name? Your real name? (more silence) Middle name. Can’t you just tell me your middle name? (Chuck waits, but she still says nothing) I’m gonna go get the napkins. Chuck goes to the other side of the room and doesn’t hear as Sarah finally answers.
Sarah: It’s Lisa. My middle name is Lisa.


Despite being only the fourth episode of the series, this one surely established that Chuck and Sarah were headed somewhere. The character of Carina will end up revisiting Burbank a few times. While, on the surface, she would appear to be the anti-shipper who intends to torpedo and snark about relationships in the spy world, she actually was quite an instigator. She didn't have to tell Chuck that Sarah--correctly--might have interest in him. But, she did.

The final scene is really good. Chuck is so utterly cute and charming while he asks for information about Sarah, I would have given him my name, my social security number, and my PIN number. But, Sarah resists...to a point.


  1. Since these reviews are written after the fact maybe it can now be established every time Sarah does or say something it is with love because she has fallen for the loveable dufus, lol (3.13).

    1. I call bullshit on what she said in 3.13.

      It's the kind of thing someone says after they are in love. But at best she found Chuck cute/adorable but she didn't fall in love with him until later in either season 1, or early in season 2.

    2. I was about to say that we have to take her word for it because she said it. But then again if I believed everything then I would have to believe that she did not remember falling in love with him or any of their journey. Fuck you fedak and schwartz :)

    3. Sorry hit publish button too quick, Charlie said to Desmond in Lost that his greatest hits were all he had...for good or bad they were his memories...For good or bad Sarah lost those. For a character to have such a shitty life before she met Chuck to lose all her happiness...is the most cruel thing a show runner can do....in a way none of this series matters in the end.

    4. Word... and even if she later gets her memories back, to leave the audience to imagine that their journey with her eventually meant something is maybe one of the dumbest series finale decisions by show runners I can remember.

    5. I think Fedak ran out of ideas and just panicked and did this stupid thing or maybe he does not believe in happy endings and is a sadist.

    6. I have now seen all the DVD extras and all the interviews the cast gave before and after the finale. The amount of times Yvonne said she really really really was not expecting this finale while crying was both sweet and heartbreaking. Fuck you Schwartz and Fedak.

    7. Here's a little bit of insider insight into what happened when Yvonne read the finale script:

      "Are you fuckin' kidding me?!"

      I am paraphrasing, of course.


    8. Yeah....she did look and sound a little stunned and numb, isuppose Fedak can do that to people.

    9. They should've never gotten that fifth season... after four months it is still beyond me how they could screw up like this.

  2. I liked this episode.

    Mini Anden was really hot in this episode.

    I liked the episodes where other spies would come in to work with Chuck, Sarah and Casey.

    I wish that Carina would have came back one last time in season 5.

  3. Another solid episode that moves the budding relationship forward. Season 1 writers were soooo good at mixing up the genres and ensuring there was something for everyone in these episodes that some of the later seasons just did not provide. Thanks to mediasavant for putting this together. As for me, I have just finished watching 2 of my favourite season 2 episodes (with Cole as the MI6 operative) and am trying to pace myself with the remaining episodes. Cheers all and have a great summer.

  4. When Chuck and Sarah were double dating with Morgan and Corina was it a bit too much when Sarah ran her hand accross the back of his neck and hair and he lost his sentence? I mean I know chuck had not dated in a while but man it came across like he had never been touched by a girl, awwww. Maybe it was one of those mments critics complained about when they said in season 1 they made Chuck too much of a loser, lol.

  5. Replies
    1. Which part? Critics complaining or Chucks reaction to a girl touching him?