07 March, 2012

Review - BREAKING IN 2.01: 'The Contra Club'

So this FOX show, that was apparently dead in the water, got picked up... somehow. Perhaps one of the producers has a compromising photo of the entire executive group in an orgy. I don't know.

There have been a couple of changes since season 1 and one of them is good and the other is horrible.

First the good. Megan Mullally joins as Veronic, the organization's new owner. She is always fun, so I imagine she will be a good addition. Though, I wonder if her character will always be so over-the-top dramatic.

Now the horrible. Michael Rosenbaum's inability to just stick with shit strikes again as he is no longer on the show. That's too bad since he was actually the best thing on it.

As for the episode, it revolves around the gang realizing that Oz is selling the company and their reaction to it, as well as to Veronica. Not much else happens, except for a quick little mission. I guess the show had massive budget cuts so they had to shoot a lot of sitting around and talking. That wouldn't be so bad if the dialogue was more interesting or the characters funnier.

Perhaps we will get more spy missions and more interesting dialogue with future episodes. And perhaps the show will gain enough viewers to increase the budget so they can entice Rosenbaum to come back for a big payday.

Just one quotable moment worth mentioning:

Oz: I'm broke, Cam.
Cameron: What are you talking about? You drive a Mazerati. You fly to China to get appetizers. You own a white tiger!
Oz: I'm not saying I'm unhappy, I's saying I'm broke.

If I had to rate this episode, and I don't really want to, I'd give it:

70 out of 100

Blah, blah, and blah.


  1. FYI, last night's episode got a 1.7 in the all important 18-49 demographic. That's not going to cut it on FOX.

  2. You're right about the horrible. Now I'm left to imagine (just like the Chuck finale lolol) the hilarity between Rosenbaum and Megan Mullally.

  3. Trevor Moore is also gone the guy that can impersonate anyone.

    I'd rather they had kept both Michael Rosenbaum and Trevor Moore instead of adding Megan Mullaly and the blonde british woman.

    of course with the ratings being as horrible as they were last night the show isn't going to air all of it's 13 episodes so it doesn't matter.

    Another Christian Slater show bites the dust after a short run.

    it's Unfortunate because I liked the show it had somewhat similar characters and similar humor to Chuck.

    1. It has similar humor to CHUCK in that it at no point ever achieves even half that show's greatness at its greatest point... but yeah, there are similarities.