02 March, 2012

Modern Family 3.17 -- Leap Day

Writing reviews for half-hour comedies is not an easy task. What much is there to say other than "that was funny" or "that wasn't such a great episode?"

With Modern Family, the latter is never the case. And that's why it's such a great show. Every week is a guaranteed laugh and 30 minutes well-spent. This week was no different, highlighted by Luke and Phil being terrified by the three female monsters in the house.

But I still can't help but be annoyed by Cam. Every week with him and Mitchell is the same storyline, with Cam overreacting to anything and everything that Mitchell does or doesn't do. The first few seasons it was pretty hilarious, but at this point I think the show and its viewers would be better served with a bit more variety and versatility from those characters.

The Jay and Gloria storyline was nothing special, but at the very least it gave us a funny conversation where Jay was realizing she meant the complete opposite of what she was saying and that soccer is a horribly boring sport to watch. Don't shoot the messenger.

Phil and Luke continue to be the comedic stars in this show, joined by amusing performances by the Dunphy women all being on the same cycle. This is a trope that maybe we've seen on TV or in the  movies a few times, but this had to have been the funniest of all of them.

And speaking of Luke, the scene with him covered in blood in the bathroom was pretty awesome. He is the MVP of this show.


CLAIRE: "I can be spontaneous every four years."

PHIL: "Shh. The first rule of dealing with the cycle, you never mention the cycle. You tip-toe around it. The woman's actually taking great pains to hide the monster she's become. But if you acknowledge it, that brings the monster forth."
LUKE: "My god, there's three of them."

JAY: "That way everyone enjoys the game, but not me. Because I prefer a game where something happens." (Amen, Jay.)

MANNY: "How was the soccer match?"
JAY: "Thrilling. 1-1 tie, one of the goals was an accident."

LUKE: "You're monster-ating."

MITCHELL: "OK, everybody follow the birthday flag."
CAM: "What did you call me? Oh, yes."

SCORE: 76 out of 100


  1. Yeah Modern Family is a little too much rinse and repeat and they do love to wear out certain jokes. Community on the other hand is a roller coaster of awesome experimentation that goes for broke as do their ratings. I like Phil and Luke they are the best on this show without a doubt. I still cannot stop being heart warmer and l hillariously entertained at Phil giving his speech at his work dinner when Clair stole his jokes and he improvivised brilliantly.

  2. They don't have to change anything because the show is a massive hit.

  3. Ditto for HIMYM, I do not blame them in the slightest.they can go now for 10 years and be multi-millionaires.

    1. Yep. Sure, it would be nice if they did something really creative every week like COMMUNITY, but why would they when what they are doing is making the network tons of money? The fear is always that if you change things up too much, that the audience will quit watching.

    2. I suppose the trade off also is that although the actors for Community probably all apart from Joel Mchale get under 50 k an episode but Modern Family and Two and a Half Men probably get over a half million dollars per episode. But the Community cast probably has a greater chance of doing well in movies and such things that garner awards due to the range their show affords them. None of this is a guarantee but I guess it might help.

      Saying that...Modern Family and Two and a Half Men have Emmy Winners and Community does not yet. It is as Gary Jules would say (or someone before him, I think Tears for Fears?)...it is a MAD MAD WORLD!

    3. Wouldn't Chevy be the highest paid on COMMUNITY since he has the most years in?

      Also, I haven't been keeping up on MF's salary negotiations but they would have signed most of them up for six years at whatever scale. They shouldn't need to pay them any ridiculous number like the 2.5 Men until at least season 6 or 7.