28 January, 2012

FRINGE 4.10: 'Forced Perspective'

This review is going to be very short because I couldn't give any less shit about cases-of-the-week.

Some girl can see the future and draw it (sounds like HEROES) and it involves people dying. She eventually sees a big explosion and saves the day before her brain explodes or some shit, blahblah.

Now, let's get to the only important thing in this episode. An Observer told Olivia that she has to die. Olivia is a tad concerned about this. When she is able to talk a suicide bomber down and stop what the drawing-girl saw in her vision, she feels it is perhaps possible to change her own fate.

She then talks to Peter who tells her what the Observers are and also that he doesn't believe they can be wrong when they tell you something about the future since they've lived it. Obviously this is a setup to the end of the season when we find out that you CAN IN FACT CHANGE THE FUTURE! OMG!

Actually, I would rather the season/series end on someone having to sacrifice themselves for the other (like we would have gotten at the end of season 3) but I doubt they will do it.

Oh, there's a scene between Nina and Olivia where Olivia confesses her true love for her mother-figure. Then talks about her headaches. Nina tells her she has some new medicine for her. Ruhroh.

Anyway, though I am bored to mostly death by these cases-of-the-week, this one wasn't terrible and the hunt for the bomb and bomber had some interesting elements. However, there was so little actual advancement to the plot that I could have just skipped it and not lost out on much of anything.

If I had to rate this one, I'd give it:

79 out of 100

It could have been worse. It could have been better. This is my "I didn't want to delete it from my DVR right away" score. At least there was some Walter and Peter interaction. Though, nowhere near enough.


  1. In your previous review, I posted that I didn't mind standalones per se, but this one didn't have anything special, mindblowing or even heartwarming to keep me interested.

    I'm glad they didn't drop the plot about Olivia's destiny, but I wish they hadn't dedicated every single scene of the episode on how that is affecting Olivia, considering that it meant having to watch Olivia's "concerned" face for 40 minutes straight. I cannot find that compelling, no matter how hard I try.

    It was a big step back from the awesomeness of the previous episode, but I have to give props to the special effects department. They are flawless!

    1. That does make you worry though, any time an episode looks good special effects wise... that they used up budget on an unimportant episode.

  2. Fun times, great special effects. Narrative back onto Olivia...awesome. Fringe is hell bent on being mediocre till the series finale....fan bloody tastic! Based on leaked scripts and spoilers....the next narrative episode will be near the finale. So get used to crap COTW peeps.

    This shows structure reminds me of NCIS, they start a season on mythology, they take a break until sweep months to readress the mythology and the leave it to the finale. Otherwise they work hard to keep the rest the same. I do not know why fringes ratings are so poor since they follow the exact same structure and prefer to stay mediocre.

    I guess we will never know after this season.

  3. What a snoozefest!

    I get what they were trying to accomplish, but I think the episode fell flat on its rear. Too much Olivia angst and too little of anything else, which usually makes for gloomy and unengaging episodes.

    I think they should tone down the awkward vibes between Walter and Olivia, they are trying to sell closeness too hard and it's just not working for me. They actors ( anna torv and john noble) don't have any chemistry together, they look brain dead, when they try to go for sweet and warm. They speak so slowly to each other, and Olivia speaks to him like he's 5 years old. It's creepy.

    However, I enjoyed Broyles a lot here. I feel that this is the first time this season, he got anything substantial to do. Lance Reddick was very good.

  4. oh please!!

    cant they stop make anna torv happen!!!!!!!!!

    without a very, very strong script, anna is at best mediocure as an actress.

    she was at her best in the first half of the third season. without any doubt.

    but at the same time . the scripts and material were at that time AT THEIR BEST on fringe.

    a good actor can at least make an effort to make a poor script happen.

    see; john noble for axample. season 4 was very bad , but yet the critics are praising him this year. they forgot about anna torv this year.

    such a shame, but now i can see the difference between anna and john.

    the previous year , i thougt that anna and john were equal as far as their acting ability.

    but now you can clearly see that anna is not so great.

    the shout out for: give john noble and anna torv an emmy is long gone.

    now it’s just john who deserve an award.