17 January, 2012

ALCATRAZ - Why I'll Keep Watching

FOX premiered this brand new show by putting out two full episodes on Monday night. Since CHUCK was pulled from Mondays, there has been little to look forward to on that night. Sure, I still check in with HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, and I DVR CASTLE and the History Channel shows, but none of it is appointment television.

In fact, other than CHUCK, I haven't had anything around I would consider "appointment television" since LOST and BATTLESTAR GALACTICA ended.

Well, now there is ALCATRAZ and it may end up as my new obsession even though the first two episodes aren't perfect.

I am not going to write a point by point review, just give my reasons for continuing to watch.

1. Jorge Garcia is in it. I love him. I will watch anything he is in.

2. The blond chick who plays the cop is cute. I don't need much more than that. IMDB says her name is Sarah Jones. It also says her character's name is Rebecca Madsen. I didn't really notice her name. I was lost in her purty blue eyes. She's also the kind of cute that I think I could get. Not in a wildly delusional way either. I could totally get that girl to date me... I mean, if I was better looking, in better shape, and had a lot more money.

3. It's got that music they used on LOST in it. It's like when a girl you just met is wearing the same perfume as another girl you were crazy about at some point used to (like pancake or beer scent) but she either broke up with you or she moved away. All I need is the sound or smell of something I loved and I'm hooked.

4. It's like a mystery! Oooh! What's happening? Why are these dudes coming back? What do the numbers mean and what's the smoke monster?!

Story wise, I'm not really sure how good it is compared to something like LOST. I didn't start with LOST from episode 1 of season 1 and I can't even imagine what it was like to experience that show from that first night. It is possible some people were hooked immediately while others took some time to get into it. Granted, these first two episodes don't feel like they are in any way, shape, or form on the same level as the first two of LOST. But they don't need to be and the show can certainly grow into some epic monster down the line.

Well, those are the positives. Here are some negatives.

1. Sam Neill is in it. More specifically, his horrendous marble-mouthed American accent. It is in the top 10 of the worst American accents currently being utilized on television. When an American says the number 19 he says nine-teen. Both words are sounded out in full. Even when using the heaviest souther drawl, you will still hear the T sound. But when Neill says it, it sounds like there is a D there. Why? No clue. No one says it like he says it. "Ny-deen". What the fuck language is that?

2. A cop is shot in the chest and blood spurts out of him as if a) he's not wearing the bullet proof vest all cops are required to wear and b) as if blood spurts out of people like that when they are shot. But then the second point is more of an issue with Hollywood in general. When someone is shot, the bullet pushes material IN not OUT. Just make it puffs of smoke. Stop being stupid!

3. The episode is full of continuity errors. I'd list them all but that would be an article in itself. Most people won't notice them.

4. The plot lines up too conveniently, especially in the first episode.

Otherwise, I'm hooked in even if not blown away. How about you?


  1. While I'm not into the chick the way that you are, I thought it was worth a second look after I saw the original pilot.

    Jorge is a draw for me.

  2. Jorge Garcia's Hurley was always my hero on Lost so I am pre-destined to love whatever he does. It does kind of make me laugh that his character spent 6 seasons trying to get off a fucking Island with mysteries and now he is cursed to land on another fucking Island with more mysteries, lol. Will he ever catch a break? I will be suprised how he partners up with the hot chick, I mean I hope at some point the give him a gun, because her chasing the bad guys all the time while he stays and observes the scene may get a little formulaic. So with him hopefully beating some punks up and shooting it will be cool and keep him in the action. I always thought the way he played Hurley he could take care of himself because Sawyer never ever questioned him when he told him whats what....he commanded respect.

    Case of the week is all awesome and all that but I am glad they threw in some mythology as well straight away. If they just let Jorge talk then I will be so happy he has fantastic acting range and when he made me laugh on Lost he made me laugh and smile like when they started that bus in Tracia Tanaka is dead and he can make me cry so much that I am literally in tears...I mean when his voice broke in The End that scene wrecked me and I could not stop blubbering. Give the man something to put his heart and soul into and this show will be awesome and it will give ground the emotional stakes that are involved.

    Good start.

    1. Jorge Garcia is the plumpier version of Zachary Levi. All kinds of nerd charm.

    2. Hopefully like Zachary Levi's Chuck....Jorge's Garcia's diagonal gets the girl. As you say, they both have plenty of nerd charm...as well as heart, soul and passion.

  3. Fucking iPad, i meant diago!

  4. Did anyone feel that it was just a cross between Fringe and the 4400.

    The pilot was okay but i hope it gets better.

    I'm a fan of Sam Neill from Jurassic Park and Dead Calm.

    The true test of the show will be next week.

    1. Never watched 4400 specifically because I tend to not watch shows like this in the first season because they are likely to get cancelled and then I've invested many hours in something that will have no real payoff. But I'm in it for Jorge and the blond. Nothing more... for now.

  5. I finally got around to watching the first hour because I'm one of those people who falls way behind. Even though I watched the pilot way back in June, it was interesting to see the changes they made.

    I would swear the blonde had a live-in boyfriend in the original pilot. Good to see he's gone. I didn't think that was a good idea. There were a couple of scenes I didn't remember. The stuff with Prisoner 2002 seemed new. I remember there was a revelation about her grandfather being a prisoner, but this had more scenes to it.