10 January, 2012

21-Days of CHUCK! Day 6: Clueless in Burbank, the Jeffster Story

Dreams can come true. Look at Jeff and Lester. They could have just turned into two total idiots with dreams that would never be realized and yet they turned into two total idiots whose dreams were barely realized!

During the majority of the series, the two were clearly defined. Lester was the more ambitious, dangerous, full of himself, borderline criminal of the two. He was the leader of their little duo of misfit losers. Lester was friends with Jeff because Jeff followed him. There didn't seem to be any true like between the two. Their shared bond was simply that Lester was working his way toward pure evil and Jeff was too stoned or drunk to notice or care in what direction his devilish cohort was pointing him.

Lester was always a greater danger to himself and his ambitions than anyone else. When given the opportunity to lead, Lester overcompensated for his need for adoration/worship and pushed all the wrong buttons to get his crew to work harder. When they didn't react the way he wanted, he fired them all, then had to backtrack when it quickly dawned on him that it made doing his job more difficult. Even Jeff abandoned his de facto leader during this period of lunacy.

It was music that brought these clowns together forever. Not there own, but other people's music that they then made their own. And epicness was born! Or mediocrity. Something was born as they delivered surprising and sometimes awkward renditions of their favorite songs from the 80s. At the Buy More, or a wedding, or in a hospital. The band known as Jeffster (they could have gone with Jester but it would have made them seem like a joke) had no filter for when or where they would jam. They had a need for fame and the stage was wherever they could plug in.

Eventually the stumbling duo hit a speed-bump in their relationship when Jeff stopped huffing the carbon-monoxide fumes from his van, where he slept. Suddenly, Jeff the fried loser became Jeff the clear-headed genius! And when Lester tried to murder him by filling the dining area of the Buy More with toxic fumes, Mr. Jeff punted his buddy to the big house, never to be heard from again!

Or so one would think but somehow he forgave him this murderous indiscretion and the two locked horns as bested buds who don't seem to like each other all that much, but this time with Jeff as the more logical leader. And with Jeff at the helm of this danger-to-themselves duo, the two nutjobs would get themselves in even greater trouble as Jeff's probing into the goings-on of the Buy More led the two into Castle and a Morgan inspired nap via tranquilizers.

Whether these two can survive the series or beyond will be known to those who read this after January 27th. The rest can just bask in the glory of having watched them grow into pretty much just two big overachieving losers that inspired other losers to have a dream... to dream.

Did you find the loser in yourself while watching the antics of Jeffster over 5-seasons? Did you have a favorite moment? Favorite song? Favorite line? Tell us about it.


  1. I love Jeffster in 5 season, 'cause Jeff so smart ;)
    My fav moment with Jeffster in 5.09, when Lester be woman. It was so funny!!
    Favorite song? Africa, of course! I love this moment. And Mr.Roboto. It's awesome song.

  2. Do you sleep, Magnus?!

    I have been rewatching seasons 1 and 2 this week and I had forgotten so much. Lester was carrrraaayyzzeee in season 1 and 2.

  3. I only sleep when I've got nothing to do. So, I don't sleep!

  4. You forgot to mention Jeff is a closet romantic(remember his romantic montages for Anna Wu or Chuck/Sarah?) : )

    As for their best music moments my top 3 looks like
    1.Africa - the whole scene was awesome and we got to see Chuck/Sarah sharing a really nice moment
    2.Mr.Robot - Casey and his team owning Ted Roark and Fulcrum at Ellie's wedding
    3.Push It

  5. "Africa" is definitely a pretty good Jeffster performance, although I personally like them doing "Is This Love" in Balcony because I like how it embarrasses the shit out of Lester's HinJew bride-to-be and she smacks him at the end. "Mr. Roboto" was ok and "Push It" was probably my least favorite except for the random dancing pregnant lady and Lester screaming about saving the youth of America.

  6. Maybe Jeff and Lester will be joining Emmett Milbarge at the Largemart in Alaska...

    ...or recruited by the CIA. Smart Jeff would make one hell of analyst.

  7. ""Push It" was probably my least favorite except for the random dancing pregnant lady and Lester screaming about saving the youth of America."

    Yeah the song wasn't exactly great but the whole scene freaking pregnant lady / Jeffster shaping the youth of America etc. made it a pretty memorable performance : )

  8. Jeffsters inspired and accidental-acoustic version of "Leaving on a Jet Plane" was a cool moment in the series for me. It showcased the Awesomes having to leave, if temporary and Jeffster as musicians. Maybe it was turtle necks that did it for me ;)

  9. "Leaving on a Jet Plane" came as a big surprise to me. It's one thing to do over the top, over-instrumented, karaoke covers, but that was the first really clear sign that Lester can actually sing a bit. I'm not saying the earlier stuff wasn't great, but it's a lot easier to fake something like Toto or Styx.


  10. I don't know if the CIA can recruit an Hinjew from Saskatchewan, maybe the CSIS...
    My favorite Jeffster moment was the stalking in American Hero, from the start, when they see "blondie's boyfriend" to the stalkers notes and to the nun-chucks ("do you need our help? no? ok, bye...").
    But also "Do you miss Ace of Base" was a great line...

  11. @Henry: I agree, American Hero was a great Jeffster epi!

    Lester: Jeffrey, don't make me be afraid to be alone with you.

    Lester: Jeffrey, you are.. the Picasso of creepiness (LOL, genius!)

    I like JEFFSTER a lot, really funny characters! I think my fave song is Blaze of Glory. That whole Shaw vs Chuck was exciting, and the Jeffster video was a big reason why. A faceoff like in the old west, hilarious!


  12. Africa is still my favorite performance. I also love the end of Push It when Lester declares Jeffster's purpose.

  13. Let us not forget Jeffster's contributions to their famous Comic-con appearances.

    Doing Black Bottom Girl onstage in 2009. The Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" video of 2010. The "Eye of the Tiger" video of 2011.

    No show has ever done better Comic-con panels than Chuck.

  14. Yeah, I think CHUCK elevated the comic-con panel game.

  15. @Henry Agreed! The stalking in American Hero is another of my fave moments. "So..should they give you a beat down, you expect us to have your back?"

  16. MS. Correction. Emmett Milbarge was assassinated in the back alley of the Buy More in "The Pink Slip". Harry Tang left for Alaska in "The Truth". My favorites are when they were wired on caffeine in "The Santa Suit", Jeffster in the Hospital "The Push Mix". Lester in drag in "The Kept Man. Looking forward for the final four episodes for Jeffsters evolution.

  17. Anon--
    Do your homework. Emmett was indeed murdered, but Casey told Chuck he took a Largemart job in Alaska. It was a cover lie.

    When I made that statement, I was kind of implying the same fate.

    Went right over your head, apparently.

  18. Aren't we cheeky.

    1. Yes. Very Cheeky.....John Lennon

  19. Great news! Bryan Cranston is going to be on Archer!!!!!!!!!!!! So, so, so, so, so, so Danger Zone!!!!!!!!

    Got Ya! you thought I was going to go for "Awesome".

    So Pysched.

  20. Favorite Jeffster performances:

    1. Africa
    2. Mr Roboto
    3. Fortunate Son

    (Push Mix was a fantastic episode, but not a fan of Salt-N-Pepa)

    It could be nice to see them perform something in the finale... but I get the feeling it might already have too much stuff in it.

  21. Chuck vs. Bo. Every time Casey put Jeff an Lester into their car they added another vulture. Hilarious.