23 January, 2012

21-Days of CHUCK! Day 17: Michael Tucker Lives Big!

Big Mike has a heart as big as his appetite for Subway sandwiches.

And we all know how much he loves those. Perhaps, if not for the writers utilizing an in-show advertisement like that, the show would have ended after season 2. But Big Mike's love for those tasty treats (and they are pretty tasty, plus only $5 for a footlong) eventually became a fan campaign to save the show and an international phenomenon that is now legendary (thanks to Wendy Farrington, who came up with the idea and worked her ass off to make it happen).

Big Mike could be seen, at times, as a tyrant to work for, or a softy with a loud voice, or an intolerant fascist who loves the corporate machine, or a rebel who forms a rebellion to fight the decision of the Buy More suits. You just never know with him. Though, you do know that whatever he brings, it is going to be funny. Or dangerous. Big Mike has taken out a villain or two without ever realizing what is going on inside and below the store.

Here are some other interesting facts about our heroic big guy:

1. Has been the manager, a green shirt, and assistant manager of the Buy More.

2. Loves fishing and greatly values his stuffed marlin, named Norman.

3. Had an affair with the wife of one of his employees, Harry Tang.

4. Married to Bolonia, the mother of Morgan Grimes, who he met via an online dating service.

5. Was once ransomed for a pig named Kevin Bacon.

6. Once in a band called Earth, Wind, Fire, and Rain. When he left the band, they renamed it Earth, Wind, and Fire.

7. Always ready to give a bit of advice, sometimes while yelling.

8. Already established but... he loves Subway sandwiches.

9. Created a Buy More commercial starring Captain Awesome.

10. Fill in the blank in the comments section below because my memory has run out of info!

Love him or love him tons, Big Mike's one of the most likable characters on the show.


  1. Loves Vegas,Reno. Drives a Toyota. Jeffsters temporary manager. Eats donuts.

  2. i fukin 4got bout kevn bacon

  3. He is the one who called chuck with "Bartowski" at the buymore..
    one of my fav big mike scene is when Morgan said, he has to lie to Bolonia, because he wanted to go to VeCas for the bachelor party..:D

  4. You forgot that he also starred in his own Buy More commercial, was the Buy More version of the godfather when he got fired to green shirt, has a relative who is a cop version of himself, can tackle a man like a steam train, just to name a few more.
    by the way, loving these lists, brings back memories...sigh

  5. Gets a personal call from Moses at end of Season 3.

  6. Big Mike is a walking, talking, living...Subway advertiser. It is actually funny to see him and how much he has had to pimp out Subway for 3 years, lol. You got to give him credit because they never made Yvonne or Sarah (Ellie) do something provocative with the old Subway sandwiches, Big Michael Tucker took the hit for the team.

  7. Just have to pop in to give a shout out to the man behind Big Mike...the amazing Mr. Mark Christopher Lawrence. He's always been a joy to work with on the Chuckfest events and went above and beyond to make himself available to the fans (like dropping in early at CF3 because of an evening conflict and hosting Big Mike trivia).

    In terms of memorable Big Mike Moments I think you hit the majors, but I did LOVE his assault on the Beverly Hills Buymore which was taken to extremes by his misguided Buymoria misfit band. Also, his ability to scar Morgan for life with this passion for Bolonia Grimes made for perhaps the funniest cut-away in Chuck history between a photo of petrified Morgan and his horrified expression in real time, huddled under his Star Wars sheets. All hail Michael ‘Big Mike’ Tucker smooth talking lover, Subway aficionado, and the leader of Buymoria.

    1. Yes!

      Wasn't Big Mike instrumental in getting Morgan together with Alex, talking "slow jams", or something like that?

  8. "Once in a band called Earth, Wind, Fire, and Rain. When he left the band, they renamed it Earth, Wind, and Fire"

    I seriously love that scene! The moments BM says that and the music starts, I just get a huge grin on my face.


  9. He isn't actually a real father to anyone, but I think he's the best father figure in CHUCK. Sorry, Papa B. Much love for Big Mike and his awesome advice as well as comedic moments.


  10. Big Mike saved the day when BuyMore only got 6 copies of (SpyAttack)? Not many folks could stop StoneCold quite so efficiently, all in the name of family.