09 December, 2011

Parks and Recreation - Citizen Knope

This is my first ever review of PARKS AND RECREATION, a show I have fallen deeper and deeper in love with over time. A rare occurrence as most shows lose my (and most people's) interest over the course of its life. And this season has been so full of greatness that every episode seems to knock some other great episode down a peg on the list of top 20. This continues that trend.

Leslie, having been suspended over the issue with her one-true-love (not my job to catch you up), puts together a community harassment group to fill the hole in her life that is always doing something to the extreme.

And stuff happens that you should know about since you watched it. I will determine how much of an effort I should make every week writing these reviews based on how many people accidentally read this one. So, if you want a full-blown GFucking, get to stroking my ego by sharing a link, freeloaders.

    Stuff I loved (apart from everything)
  • Ron's near emotional breakdown over Leslie's present was my favorite moment.

  • The Ann and Leslie lovefest was at its all-time adorableness. In fact, I kind of fell in the love with Ann in this one. Sure, I have always had a little baby crush on her but now I am full blown creeper 500-yard restraining order crushing on her. Something about her assertive while still being cute nature just gets me. I guess I like strong girly girls who are sexy like a meow meow.

  • April's painting of her murdering and collecting the heads of the Black Eyed Peas was bad to the shaved bone strips of her victims. Plus, it is time someone point out that they suck. It's just totally true. They do.

  • Leslie giving Chris a thoughtful gift and then threatening him was so brilliant, the writers over at WHITNEY slit their wrists. They didn't, but they should. I'm not kidding. You may think I am, but I am not. So...

  • Chris: Out of respect for you, I will meet with your group. But I hope that this puts an end to the madness.
    Leslie: Prepare for battle. Oh, I forgot to tell you. I got your Christmas present. It's like a little stop watch that records your jogging times and then sends it to your computer via blue-tooth.
    Chris: (excited) That's so thoughtful!
    Leslie: Awww, my pleasure. See you in hell!
  • The "PCP Make It Fun" t-shirts would be ridiculous if Leslie didn't intentionally make it a drug reference. And that is why this episode works so well. Leslie isn't accidentally making drug references, she knows exactly how to effectively make her group noticeable.

  • Jean-Ralphio, the 10th or something character on this show, who would barely be a blip on the radar on other shows, gets two standout moments as he advises Ben on career choices and then takes the job Ben turned down without knowing anything about accounting, just to exercise his twisted charm.

  • If I had to rate this episode with a gun to my head, I'd give it:

    94 out of 100

    I'd give it a higher number but this is a show that doesn't know how to make bad episodes so I have to lower the score a tad just in case some 99s are coming our way.


    1. It's hard to disagree that Parks and Rec seems to have mastered the ability to put out quality episodes every week, which is mind boggling yet awesome. I got into it in S.2, but was never sure if it was just filling the deep hole in my heart left by the slow demise of The Office, but now I think it might actually be surpassing it. This episode made me think that all I want for Christmas is a "PCP Makes It Fun" t-shirt and April's painting of her killing the Black Eyed Peas. Smart and funny; as is the norm for this show.

    2. ...and the show with the highest concentration of college graduates in its audience is Parks & Rec.

      General Adults 18-49 rating (Live+7): 2.66
      College Grad A18-49: 4.91
      (season rating through week ending Nov. 20th)

      85% difference.

    3. Yes,keep doing Parks and Rec reviews!! I love reading your stuff on Chuckgasmic and listening to your chuck podcasts. I've never commented on anything, but I'm commmenting on this to say keep reviewing Parks and Rec! Best show on TV right now!

      - Cori

    4. Love, love, love Parks and Rec like Ron Fucking Swanson loves steak and breakfast foods, and brunettes of course. I loved the return of the quivering mustache. The greatest thing about this show is how enjoyable all the characters are. Even Jerry, or Gary is it? Whatever, doesn't matter. I too was shocked at that revelation.
      Hope you keep covering P&R!

      - Kate

    5. "Don't eat my pickles Ann!"

    6. So glad you're covering this show now. I can't put into words how much I love it. It's puppies and rainbows and all the shiny things in the world. But best of all its fucking funny.

      Knope 2012, Bitches

    7. This show has been great since season one and I highly recommend that you write about it because it is so funny. I work for DISH so I am exposed to all kinds of shows and Parks and Recreation is by far one that continually makes me laugh every season. The humor never gets old, and the characters are constantly growing so every episode is different from the last but always funny. For anyone who is reading this and is not sure about this show, just check out episodes on DISHonline.com. It is free and it gives you the opportunity to see what you have been missing. Then come back here and ask for reviews!