06 December, 2011

Metallica's "Hate Train" is officially unreleased

Metallica commenced it's 4 night intimate 30th anniversary celebration at San Francisco's Fillmore Theater last night. You can read all the details here.

More importantly, the band debuted an unreleased track from the 2008 "Death Magnetic" sessions called "Hate Train". Luckily for us (seriously, no sarcasm here folks), the studio version was just put up this morning for streaming.

Go ahead and listen to it below.

You can actually hear elements of other songs from the album in the song, specifically "Judas Kiss" and "My Apocalypse". I actually hear some recycling of "Fuel" at the end of the track. I am not really sold on James' evil Thomas the Tank engine lyrics. I can understand why the song was left off the album.

Did it make me move my head and want to break things? Well, it didn't make me feel spermless like a girl.

Needless to say, 7 minutes of "Death Magnetic" scraps still shit all over 90 minutes of "Lulu."

Head Geek Furious Edit:

Here is my remix of this song, removing the "Fuel" riff that annoys the shit out of me:

GeekFurious Remix - Hate Train - Metallica by GeekFurious Page

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  1. I am annoyed they reused that fuckin' Fuel riff again (Judas Kiss being the other). And the intro has a terrible time change that is totally unnecessary. But there are parts of this song that are pretty good. It is like half kick ass, quarter derivative, quarter meh.