14 December, 2011

Geek Furious the Poopcast #6 - 30 Years of Metallica

In this episode, we discuss Metallica's 30th Anniversary 4-night celebration at the Fillmore, plus the release of FOUR new songs from the Death Magnetic recordings that were previously unreleased. There is also about 17 minutes of outtakes at the end of the podcast that covers material we discussed while recording the episode that didn't really relate to the celebration.

00:00 to 29:17 30th Anniversary Discussion
29:18 to 49:48 Beyond Magnetic (Hate Train, Hell and Back, Just A Bullet Away, Rebel of Babylon)
49:58 to 67:02 Outtakes

Autoplaying for your convenience.


Also, below is the remix of Hate Train that I talk about in our review of Beyond Magnetic.

ALSO... video of the fans jamming with Metallica on Blackened as mentioned on the poopcast. I had no clue they didn't know they were playing.


  1. Great podcast guys. Though, you didn't mention the Cliff tributes at all. Kinda surprising.

    Outtakes were very funny I especially laughed when you fucked up the name of the podcast but others were good too. Outtakes may have been better than the first 50 minutes no offense. ;)

  2. Thanks. We did actually talk about the Cliff stuff but it ended up on the cutting room floor because it also ended up in another conversation and I meant to include it in the outtakes but forgot about it and when I was done and remembered it, I was too lazy to find it and then insert it back in.