04 November, 2011

CHUCK Vs. the Bearded Bandit - 5.02: Kung Fu Chaos

The 80th new showing of a CHUCK episode was achieved tonight and you want to know what I thought of it. Why else would you be here?

First, let me just say that reaching 80 episodes is impressive for any show. It is especially impressive for a show that was nearly cancelled after 13, then 35, then 54, then 78 episodes. So, congratulations to everyone involved. And by everyone involved I mean the people who make the show and those who negotiated for the show's return. Not the delusional fans who think they saved it via the Internet.

Now, onto the review!

The episode opens up with Chuck, Sarah, and Casey doing a presentation at some spy conference, for Carmichael Industries. It doesn't go well. Then the competition shows up and looks like a bunch of super duper kick-ass spies! The leader of the group is Neo's girlfriend, Gertrude. She is also a former antagonist of Casey's.

Chuck: Go ahead, who is she?
Casey: One of the KGB's most ruthless spies, 'til the fall of the Soviet Union (spits). Then she went into the private security game.
Sarah: And how do you know her?
Casey: Minsk, 1995. I was being a patriot. She was being whatever she was paid to be.
Chuck: (amused) Wow, 1995. I was still in middle school. (realizes Casey is not amused)
Casey: Anyway, we had an altercation. I ended up with a Roswell blade in my shoulder. It made a nasty scar right over one of my favorite scars.

Meanwhile the Buy More, the only real source of income for Carmichael Industries, is down to tumbleweeds, literally, and Morgan just wants to out his super powers to the world like Troy would on COMMUNITY were he Superman. Suddenly, because this happens all the time in the realzies world, some dude named Karl walks into the BM and Morgan flashes, err, zooms on him. Fearing he is coming to kill them, Morgan attacks like a psychotic ninja and knocks the dude out. Soon after, they realize the "bad guy" is a client. Dundundun!

When the client produces a box as evidence of a kidnapping, no one seems eager to open it.
Chuck: We gonna draw straws to see who opens it?
Sarah finally does and reveals a severed finger.
Sarah: Oh!
Chuck: Oh my god. Oh my g.. that's not even on ice. I don't, that's probably not going to be able to be reattached.

The mission: Karl's brother was kidnapped, finger cut off to prove it, and the team must save him.
The value: $200,000 up front, and another $200,000 upon delivery of said brother.
The problem: Morgan is a loose cannon and needs a handler.
The solution: Chuck, the former Intersect, becomes Morgan's handler.

While Chuck and Morgan are having their discussion about the whole handler issue, Big Mike barges in, having just arrived from his honeymoon.
Big Mike: (pointing at Morgan) Hello, stepchild! Like my new threads? I just got back from four weeks of sexual experimentation (Morgan recoils in horror) and snorkeling with my new wife in Hawaii. Whatcha boys been up to? The Buy More seems.. empty. We observing International Pancake Day?

Secondary mission: The Buy More needs to increase business.
The solution: Record a new commercial.

Meanwhile, Verbanski Corp thumbs its nose at Carmichael Industries, pissing off Sarah.

Gertrude calls Sarah and asks her to meet with her. Upon arrival, Sarah is offered a job along with an explanation of the massiveness of the competition. Sarah acts unimpressed.
Gertrude: And what does Carmichael Industries have other than a former colonel and a CEO with skinny arms?

As their conversation ends and Sarah leaves, she pauses, looks at Gertrude's collected trophies and makes a declaration.
Sarah: Oh, by the way, when this whole thing ends, don't expect me to mount anything of yours in my office. It's just tacky.

Meanwhile take two, Chuck and Morgan just happen to be inside a convenience store while it is getting robbed. Holy chances of that happening, Batman! Morgan goes all bearded-bandit crazy, with mask, gruff voice, badass attitude and all.

When Morgan's attempt to disarm the bad guy is only partly successful, Chuck has to save the day. I had to rewind this sequence, if only for the hilarity of Chuck trying to rub the fingerprints off the shotgun. Actually, I really liked this sequence and for the first time liked Morgan as the enthusiastic Intersect trying to be handled by Chuck (that's what she said?).

When the convenience store issue becomes public, the team decides Morgan has to be put on the bench for a bit. Morgan isn't happy about it but Chuck emphasizes his need to protect him. I am a sucker for these type of scenes. It is part of why I fell in love with the show. The shift from hilarious comedy, to family drama, back to comedy, and then action. I'm in love!

Meanwhile triple time, the BM crew tries to create a commercial for the store but things just aren't going well.... until Captain Awesome walks in, exaggerated slow motion hair blast and all. And Big Mike has an idea!

Meanwhile part four, Carmichael Industries climb the side of a mountain or something to get into the compound of the bad guys. Hey, why am I typing all this stuff? You watched the episode right? I mean, why would you be reading a review for an episode you DIDN'T watch?

To sum up: Morgan is pissy about being in the van. Decides not to stay in the van. Saves the day. I am shocked yet again to actually enjoy Morgan as the Intersect in this sequence. By not showing him try to kick the asses of half a dozen trained security guards, and by injecting some humor into it, the whole thing works. I am getting worried. Am I starting to like Morgan as the Intersect? OH NO!

The team discovers Karl wants to kill his brother. They decide to turn the tables on him and protect the finger-missing bro. Casey and the Intersect clash.

Captain Awesome gets a job offer from Big Mike to do a commercial for the store (I thought Chuck was the secret owner of the BM, so why does Big Mike know?).

Captain Awesome: Sure I did some modeling for Abercrombie & Fitch back in college, but I hung up those cargo pants a long time ago.
Big Mike: Hold on, son! I'm not talking about doing some teenage porno here!

Morgan and Chuck discuss who is handling what or whom. Then Morgan makes an executive decision to take on the bad guys with Chuck. Chuck tries to reason with him, explaining he understands how the Intersect makes you feel like you can do anything.

Morgan: Here's the thing though, Chuck. You don't need the Intersect to feel that way, OK? With or without it, you are a hero! So don't call them! Alright? We can handle this, together. Just come with me. I need you.

Before going to their doom, Chuck calls on Sarah and Casey to help.

Yep, I am a sucker all over again because I love this stuff.

AND THEN THEY HAVE MORGAN FIGHT without any cute tricks and I am right back to the first episode where he looked RIDICULOUS! Arrghhh! There is that stuntman that looks nothing like Josh Gomez again. Yay!

Meanwhile five, we find out Casey and Gertrude have had sexy time before. Also, Chuck and Morgan get to kick ass together. It is actually fun watching Chuck kick ass WITHOUT the Intersect.

But when Morgan takes out a bad guy using an iconic Indiana Jones move, and Chuck calls attention to it, Morgan doesn't seem to have any clue what he is talking about... RUH ROH! Something is wrong! And after an argument, they get captured (obviously, why else would Casey and Sarah be on the way?).

But who saves the day? The Verbanski Corp! Yay! I am digging this Gertrude chick.

Gertrude: You know, some might say it's tacky hiring your competition to help you, but I, I think it takes balls. Oh and I'll have someone from our Burbank office drop off your bill. We don't have a payment plan.

Meanwhile sexy, Captain Awesome has delivered a superb performance for the Buy More commercial. But Carmichael Industries is still hurting financially.

Meanwhile seven, Chuck and Morgan have a classic end-of-episode CHUCK talk about the future of Morgan as the Intersect. But something else is wrong... he doesn't seem to care about Star Wars!

FINAL MEANWHILE, Chuck is actually exercising! Chuck and Sarah share a lame kiss. Casey works up the nerve to ask Gertrude out. Morgan sells himself as the Intersect to Verbanski... TRAITOR!!!!

Other quotables!

Chuck tells his brother-in-law that the presentation didn't go well.
Captain Awesome: What do you mean it didn't go well?! Did you give equal eye contact to all four quadrants of the audience?!
Chuck: It was, it was great. All of your advice was great.
Captain Awesome: Of course it was. It was the same tactics I used to woo your hot sister.

After Morgan ninja knocks out the client.
Morgan: Someone just found out that the zoom is mightier than the sword, my friend!

While trying to shoot the Buy More commercial, Lester attempts to sing.
Big Mike: Man, I am so over this whole Jeffster thing.
Lester: Me too.

When Morgan is relegated to the van while on a mission, he isn't happy and has a private conversation with himself about it, mockingly speaking for the others.
Morgan: Wait in the van, Morgan. Yeah, wait in the van. Oh, oh in the van, moron! Huh! Grunt, grunt!

Casey explains his attraction to Gertrude.
Casey: You ever have sex with someone who just tried to kill ya?
Sarah: (whispering) Oh god.
Casey: It's incredible.
Sarah: OK, I think we should focus on the mission now.

If I had to rate this episode, I would have to give it:

92 out of 100.

While some people are already whining like little babies about how annoying Morgan was (and he certainly was), I felt it served the story well and set up the next episode perfectly. Something is going on with the bearded guy and it isn't just his usual idiocy. The production values were very good, again, and we got a decent amount of Buy More with a dash of Captain Awesome. Also, the introduction of Gertrude was handled and performed well. I am excited to see where they take her character (it is always nice to see a real actor play the antagonist female role).  It loses a point for the creators of the show not realizing how ridiculous it looks every time Morgan's action sequence is performed by Josh's stuntman.


  1. I loved it too! These last two episodes are getting me excited about where this final season is heading. It's actually the most fun this show has felt since season 2, at least to me. But I've loved it every step of the way, minus a few bumps here and there, but I still don't understand the complete bashing of season 3. As far as drama goes, it was the best season...

  2. It's as if some people are just waiting to shit on the show. I don't get the bullshit complaints. This was an very good episode. What do these people want? I bet it is the Sepinwall early review. It got them going, the usual people who gravitate towards the negativity, as Magnus always says.

  3. I am trying to watch FRINGE right now so I can't really entertain the massive whining going around with some people, but the general reaction I have received in non-comment sections of the Internet is very positive.

    They always have a problem with SOMETHING. Season 3 it was Shaw. Season 4 it was not popping the question soon enough. Now it is Morgan. Waaaaah!!!! WAAAAHHH!!!!

  4. 92 out of 100? Wow, this was my thought to :).

  5. I don't understand why the director doesn't have Zac bend the fuck down when they kiss. Its so awkward when she always has to reach up while he stands stock straight.

  6. I like that you can curse on this blog, by the way.

  7. I am also digging this Gertrude chick. And Casey´s history with her. And her making Sarah´s very pronounced competitive side kick in. The last part would work even better, if Sarah stopped referring to Carmichael Industries as her husband´s company and started seeing as as her company as well.

    And Morgan´s personality being affected by the intersect like that is a very intriguing storyline. I like that development and I thought it was executed quite well.

    I am just still not a fan of Chuck/Morgan at all so those dramatic scenes between them don´t work as well for me, as the emotional drama involving any other combination of characters. But the juxtaposition between emotional drama and comedy is what first drew me to the show as well. It justs works better when one is interested in the characters relationship. And I realise that is the case for many people with Chuck and Morgan. So it definitely can work. Maybe Sarah and Casey will play jump in and help handle Morgan. I´d love that.

    Loved Awesome and Big Mike. That was a very good Buy More story and I had really missed Awesome. He is a fantastic character.

    And seeing Sarah and Casey work together and even better talk about feelings is fantastic.

    Strangely I seem to like the last two episodes more when I read or think about them afterwards than while I watch them. Liked Zoom a lot better while rewatching as well. That wasn´t necessarily the case for me with earlier seasons.

  8. "I don't understand why the director doesn't have Zac bend the fuck down when they kiss. Its so awkward when she always has to reach up while he stands stock straight."

    Interesting. I never even thought about that. Or noticed it... well, maybe I noticed it but I didn't recognize the problem with it.

  9. Sarah now goes from the side to kiss Chuck, is she actually kissing him or kissing his cheek? lol. I liked the episode but man I never thought that the kisses could get lamer, I guess kissing on the cheek is one way to accomplish that., hehehe.

  10. Yeah, I don't why it bothers me. I think if they both leaned in their kisses wouldn't be quite as lame. As it is he just looks very passive in those scenes, almost asexual.

    Even if they fixed that though, they would still need to fix the shitty blocking and editing.

  11. I am so happy to see all the location shooting. It looks so much better when they can actually afford to go to real places...

  12. I think it´s true, that Chuck is mostly very passive during any physical contact. He hardly ever initiates any as well. It kind of fits with him often being overdressed for bed.

    When they were talking on their bed in the last ep, he also had his arms crossed and I thought that made him look quite uncomfortable.

    It made sense that he acted that way while they were coverdating, but it seems strange now that they are married.

  13. I think that they are actually kissing, lol. When it pans to her face you can see that she is not kissing his cheek. The kisses have always been like that. I do not know why people are complaining about it now, lol. The only time he leans in is when they are more passionate.

  14. As for the clothes, I just think Chuck is self conscious about his body. I do not know why, in fear of death and phase three...he looked good, very good.

  15. "The only time he leans in is when they are more passionate."

    When was that? Season 2?

  16. Did he not lean in Anniversary, Suitcase, Living Dead, Last Details, Gobbler and a few others? I could be wrong, maybe that is just his style, I have never really seen him lean in a lot throughout the series...he seems to let the girls take control...just like the rest of the time, lol. Sarah is in charge.

  17. "I think it´s true, that Chuck is mostly very passive during any physical contact. He hardly ever initiates any as well. It kind of fits with him often being overdressed for bed.

    When they were talking on their bed in the last ep, he also had his arms crossed and I thought that made him look quite uncomfortable.

    It made sense that he acted that way while they were coverdating, but it seems strange now that they are married."

    Yeah, body language is a big part of what is wrong. He is just very closed off and distanced in alot of the intimate scenes. I don't know why the directors don't step in a little more.

  18. Yes the kiss was Lame, I think we should accept now, there are no more hot scene between them :(.
    But the scene was realy good, it reminded me the scene from the vs Subway , the Market scene, it was a Rafe Judkins and Lauren LeFranc episode, they are learn well from Ali Adler :)
    But also , honestly I can't realy focus on the kiss, Because Yvonne was so Fucking HOT in that pant, OMG Her butt. HUUUUUUUU Ok I'm okey . huh

  19. Chuck being self conscious about his body in front of Sarah could have made sense while their relationship was a cover, but they are married now.

    I highly doubt Sarah doesn´t know what he looks like with much less clothes. And I think she approves. So it looks strange when she is always wearing so much less than him.

    I think their talk about houses would have been much cuter, if they had been cuddling.

  20. Joanne, your definition of passionate is very different from the dictionary. ;)

  21. awelle, body image issues don't just naturally fix themselves because the other person loves you or has seen you naked. I have dated women who, even after years, still had issues about being naked around me. And as we all know, in this relationship, Chuck is the woman. ;)

    I do agree with the cuddling point. They should always be cuddling. Chuck would want that.

  22. I'm not talking about hot or not hot. I don't even care about hot. I'm talking awkward and some of the technical mistakes they keep making. I tend to find the directing of quite a few scenes to be sub-par. They go for these big close ups and still manage to miss a good view. Or they don't pan back enough and miss things actors are adding to a scene. And don't get me started on the editing. Oy.

  23. Yeah, okay. Maybe Chuck being overdressed does fit with his character.

    And he even talked about his cuddling needs in Coup d`Etat, so clothed cuddling would definitely fit his character. Instead he looked afraid of touching her.

    The jogging scene was rather cute, despite the lame kiss, though. I loved Sarah just sprinting away after she kissed him.

  24. Wow. In-depth, microscopic discussion of kissing technique. Not going there except to say that they seem to be in a public park in the middle of a run. Do you really expect a hardcore makeout session?

    Watched in a hotel room which means no rewinding and replaying in slo-mo.

    I like where this story is going. We are definitely in the middle of the story. Any good story has a middle where things get rough for the character. You don't like Morgan? Well, I think that's the point.

    Seeing how bad Morgan is at being handled, emphasizes yet again how special Chuck was.

    In the present, I really like how Chuck is shown as having some fighting skills and they have not reverted him back to "helpless/hapless" Chuck just because he doesn't have the intersect anymore. I really liked seeing him out on a run with Sarah to stay in shape.

    Sarah was great in that recruitment scene with Gertrude. It's "Mrs." Remember that.

    One last comment. I don't think Big Mike knows Chuck is the owner. He was using Chuck's need for employment at the Buy More to convince Devon.

  25. "The jogging scene was rather cute, despite the lame kiss, though. I loved Sarah just sprinting away after she kissed him"

    It was cute and something the show has needed to do. We need to know they have fun together. Its hard to root for couples that just jump from crisis to crisis.

  26. "It's "Mrs." Remember that."

    Mrs. what though? Surely not Mrs. Walker, since Gertrude called her Miss Walker.


  27. Sarah runs like a girl. And Chuck runs like a nerd.

  28. I think the kiss could have been less lame without making anyone uncomfortable or it being inappropriate for a public park, but then again, Chuck did say he was uncomfortable with PDA in season 1. Maybe I will have to pay attention, if he does bend down, when they are in a private setting. Although the conversation they had in bed in Zoom was definitely not in public.

    "Seeing how bad Morgan is at being handled, emphasizes yet again how special Chuck was."

    I thought about that as well, but I think Morgan being that bad as being handled might also be solely a sign of the intersect changing his personality and not really a part of Morgan´s character. And we don´t really know how Chuck would act with such a version on the intersect.

  29. awelle, your arguments make too much sense and you should know that fandoms have no room for reasonable arguments!

  30. I've been assuming that Morgan's reaction to the intersect was a result of his brain not having the same capacity as Chuck's, that there is simply no room left for "our" Morgan at the moment. It would be interesting to consider other alternatives, although I am curious how he would have done on the subliminal images test Chuck aced at school.

  31. Just a comment on Big Mike knowing Chuck owns the Buy More...

    Big Mike knows that Chuck is a member of the Nerd Herd, and also thinks it is Chuck's only job, thus Chuck's main source of income. Remember, Chuck's cover has always been, and still is, Nerd Herder.

    MEANWHILE: I knew at the end of last season that there would be problems with Morgan having the Intersect. The only person who the Intersect has ever worked well in, without major collateral damage to personality, is Chuck, and Stephen, as well as many others, always said Chuck had a "special brain," thus why the Intersect actually worked in him. The Gretas were automatronic robots of soldiers. All the Fulcrum test subjects were essentially killed. Why would Morgan be any different?

    Sidenote: Fedak has said many times Beckman would still be part of the show. Wondering how they're going to work her in, as there have been 2 episodes this season already, and no Beckman appearances.

  32. I think fandom is so desperate for some Chuck and Sarah "love action" that they want to turn any scene in which the two of them are together--and not on a mission--into a love scene.

    I understand. I'm not immune to that desire. But, if you are the director (or the writer), was the bedroom scene last week supposed to be a love scene? She's looking at the pictures. Chuck isn't sure if she likes the houses. He's watching her to see her reaction--negative or positive.

    It doesn't really sound like something you'd block as a cuddle scene. We could argue whether he should have had his arms crossed or not...but really?

    It's getting pretty clear that the show's agenda is not to make Chuck and Sarah the hot and sexy couple fans want, but a sweet and cute couple. I'm sure if it was the former, they have the directoral and acting skills to pull it off. But, I don't think that's their objective.

  33. If the main problem of the whole episode is the quality of a kiss (between a married couple, in a public park, during a running session, as someone correctly pointed out) I think that we are safe to say that it was a good episode overall! :)
    As I said in CG, my only (minor) problem is that the change in Morgan's behaviour is a little too much telegraphed, IMO, but I liked the episode and I am looking forward for the development of the story.
    And Casey saying that his situation with Gertrude is "complicated"... LOL

  34. I think the best kisses are in the past but I am not worried about that at all. Like Sepinwall says, if you want to reminise about the best of Chuck all you have to do is youtube Jeffster's Mr Roboto in the ring or Sarah and Chuck in Salami or Colonel or Seduction or whatever...if it continues to be lame...so be it, we have the memories stored away on our Blu Ray or DVD or somewhere on the internet. As for the show itself, good episode, looking forward to number 3 more now.

  35. I meant "reminisce"...fucking Iphone 4!

  36. What I meant to say (before I stupidly pressed the post comment button) is that I think the show is going for something deeper as the characters evolve. There are so many more conversations then there used to be and that is new and refreshing and great character growth. Does the lack of passionate kisses mean that maybe the characters have grown and are calmer in terms of serialised storytelling...then that is a good thing I think. Anyhoo, I am really enjoying the growth.

  37. I agree w your rating.I thought the episode was very good.Also hilarious!My favorite was the whole Casey & Verbanski interactions!Casey and Sarah's conversation while driving, OMG!

    You can definitely see that Morgan's behavior is affected by the intersect.And want to see the resolution.The Morgan channeling Indy was too funny.

    I don't know about you guys, but I thought Casey was channeling Jayne again when he was doing the dumb hunter bit!

    Again great episode!Can't wait for more!

  38. Good point about Jayne! I forgot to mention it in my review but had every intention of doing so. Damn female distractions!

  39. Wow surprised that everyone is picking apart the Sarah/Chuck kiss argument again. I found a bunch of other things to focus on in this episode. Overall, I thought it was good, things I liked:

    -Seeing Season 5 Chuck do things, like stopping the robber with a shotgun, that Season 1 Chuck would not have even attempted. To me it really emphasizes Ellie's point about the Intersect not making Chuck a hero, but giving him the opportunity to be one.

    -Gertrude Verbanski/ Carrie Ann Moss- I really thought it would be hard to top Dalton's run last season and I thought everyone was exaggerating about her fitting into the Chuck world so well, but I really loved her character and her interactions with everyone, especially the scene with Sarah in her office.

    -The Sarah/Casey convo's about Gertrude. The scene in the car was hilarious. Sarah's reaction to Casey's comment about having sex with someone who just tried to kill you was priceless. Looking forward to more of it as that story goes along.

    -Also, lame-kiss argument aside, I thought the last scene in the park was good. As predictable as I thought it was that Sarah would reassure Chuck she was confident he could handle himself, it was nice to hear her say it anyway. As a few others have said it's clear the direction they prefer to go for Chuck/Sarah these days is more loving/committed so I'm fine with it.

    -Awesome getting the Buymore wind entrance and his comment about doing Abercrombie modeling in the past: "I hung up those cargo pants a long time ago".

    Things I didn't like:
    -I thought the scene with Morgan fighting behind the frosted glass was terrible, and much worse than the dance scene last week. Also, I thought the fact that right before it they were able to do the extensive rock climbing scene with Sarah only made it look worse.

    Also, if you you all wanted to pick apart minute details- did anyone notice the DOB on Gertrude's Sarah file? Or try to tread the upside down bio?- pretty funny stuff if you can pause it well enough.

  40. If the kissing is all people are worried about, that's not a problem. :)

    The 0.8 18-49 rating on the other hand... well, thankfully, we got 13 episodes. :)

  41. "I thought the scene with Morgan fighting behind the frosted glass was terrible, and much worse than the dance scene last week. "

    Nope. It was hilarious. Loved it. You are fired.

  42. What!?! I thought the frosted glass fighting was beyond awful. I wouldn't have minded them using the frosted glass to get around the stunt work if it had at least looked credible. And to me even the fact that they played it more for laughs than the dance scene didn't make up for it. They could have at least made it look like he was actually punching people. Instead it looked like terrible Adam West era Batman- and not in a good way

  43. So much for what was left of the World Series excuse. A 0.8 is just awful.

  44. OPD, it was intentionally goofy. Intentionally played to look like Adam West era Batman. It was hilarious.

    MediaSavant, yep... and I argued with countless people about it last week. Baseball wasn't the problem. If anything, it is the move to Friday. I bet if they moved it back to Mondays, it would be doing at least a 1.5.

  45. Mind you, there is virtually no chance of them moving it to Mondays now.

  46. 13 and out folks.

    Hopefully, it's a run through Feb 2012. I would hate to see it get pulled and burned off next summer.

  47. I dont get it. What wrong with it ending of 13 eps.

  48. "I dont get it. What wrong with it ending of 13 eps."

    Apparently some people love it so much they want more.

  49. "MediaSavant, yep... and I argued with countless people about it last week. Baseball wasn't the problem. If anything, it is the move to Friday. I bet if they moved it back to Mondays, it would be doing at least a 1.5."

    I'd bet against you on that. But, it's not going to happen as you said. Clearly, some people who did tune in last week left the building.

    This is not about whether it gets more than 13 eps, Anonymous. This is about keeping its timeslot at this point and going off with some dignity.

    I feel so bad for the people who make this show.

  50. I meant 1.5 for the premiere, not for subsequent episodes. I do think it would be doing about a 1.3 on Mondays.

  51. I feel for them too, I love this cast and crew so much, but Morgansect was too much to be honest. This is on fedak.

  52. I'm thinking it would be doing 1.0's or 1.1's at this point. I only have so much optimism in my tank and that went empty last week.

  53. At what rating have previous Friday shows been pulled from the timeslot?

  54. Sue, most shows would be pulled at this point. But NBC can probably live with CHUCK there if it doesn't drop any more. Though, don't be shocked if it moves to Saturdays before the season is over.

  55. Let's hope they do not shut down production and let them finish the 13 episodes no matter what.

  56. Thanks. It sucks that the show is going out like this.

  57. Why would they shut down production with a month to go? There is no danger of that happening.

  58. I don't think production will be shut down. Didn't Fedak mention in an recent interview with Aussiello (or whoever) that they are currently breaking episode 13? Still, a potential move to Sat as HGF mentioned or summer wouldn't be surprising.

  59. They are not going to burn it off in the summer. It will all be shown by March. Worst case scenario, on Saturday.

  60. Don't panic people!!!!
    anyway I think that Morgan situation reminds me Spiderman 3. Explain myself... Alien substance is the Intersect and Peter Parker is Morgan then Spiderman gets dark like Morgan does. I don't know how will end up but I suppose Morgan will find himself in the near future such as Peter...

  61. @Magnus I get what you mean and normally that would go over well with me considering I have actually watched those, but for whatever reason this just didn't hit that note. I'll have to give it a re-watch or two though.

    Those ratings are a bummer. Chuck will continue to get my live eyes and I'll just prepare for the possibility that I might have to postpone my Chuck fix for an extra day every week.

  62. "Are you fuckin' drunk?!"

    If I were drunk when I wrote that, I'd probably have been more optimistic.

    I took last year's 1.3's and took off some for the viewer erosion that appears to have struck NBC's returning shows, as well as Chuck specific erosion.

  63. Nope. Just acknowledging the show isn't pulling in the viewers anymore, regardless of how cold it is.

  64. ha! I finally read this..now to marinate on your thoughts with my thoughts. @pinayskye

  65. Chuck adjusted up in finals to 0.9 . Bring on a back 9 bitches !!!!!!!!

  66. "Chuck adjusted up in finals to 0.9 . Bring on a back 9 bitches !!!!!!!!"

    LOL! Man, I hope you are just kidding... and not horribly delusional.