16 August, 2011

Curb Your Enthusiasm 8.06 - Heroic Laces

Pink Berry should consider giving Larry David unlimited free soft-serve for his infallible skills in product placement. This week's episode picked up where we left off : Larry, a Pink Berry, and the pleasure that it clearly entails.

But enough about PB, what's going down in NYC?

1. Up in the air, LD is seated next to a beautiful woman (played by Samantha Mathis of "American Psycho" fame) and is trying to engage conversation. He even goes so far as pulling out the term 'encroachment - (leave it to LD to establish judicial jargon as a flirting mechanism). Unfortunately for him, she doesn't seem to be falling for his Ally McBealed attempt, and he decides to go use the bathroom. Always being one to take advantage of situational comedy, Larry is brought into action by his long shoelaces that he earlier remarked were too long. Tripping on them, he falls on a drunk passenger harassing the stewardess. Thus, the Curb domino begins. The whole plane believes him to be a hero, including Donna, the beautiful woman seated beside him. Susie however is not fooled - LD is no "hero", he's just a dude with really long shoelaces.

2. In NY, Larry and Jeff have lunch (different city, same dealio) and some douche bag waitor with super-sonic hearing capabilities (think dolphin) overhears the two men talking about getting Gervais a bottle of wine. Doucheboy gets Gervais a $300 of vino and doesn't bother to bring over their food. "You're my hero" Jeff says to LD if he goes up to the kitchen counter to get the food. LD, hero to all customers who have been stood up by douchie waitors, goes up to get their meals.

3. LD and Gervais finally meet at a dinner hosted by Susie and Jeff. LD is there with Donna but is seated with Chris Parnell at the end of the table, with whom he is clearly bored (he would have enjoyed it better if it had been Dr. Spaceman). LD, fed up with the whole "cool table" vibe going on at the other end makes a scene. Parnell trips and pours wine all over Gervais' "frenchy-intellectual" scarf that costs $500.

4. The next day - Larry, Susie, and Jeff go to Gervais' show, Mr. Simmington. Larry arriving at the box office gets the unpleasant surprise of having to pay for the ticket, assuming that it would be a gift from Ricky. During the whole show, he and Susie bicker over the seating, bothering Gervais' performance.

5. Thanks to doucheboy waitor, Gervais discovers that it was Larry and Jeff talking throughout his play, ruining all of Jeff's chances of signing Gervais. LD is equally p'd off when he learns that Gervais has been seeing Donna. LD however gets the last laugh when he follow them on the train and sees them being harassed and mugged by a thug. LD, king of situational comedy, takes the same stale baguette he brought to Susie's dinner to beat the thug down - only to get his shoelace stuck in the sliding doors of the train. Ya win some, ya lose some, whatcha gonna do, eh?

Babydoll's "by the way"...
-Let's just say what we've all been thinking since the end of this episode : Susie's upgrade to full-time cast member was clearly the right decision. If I can't get any Leon for the next few episodes, I'm going to need an increase on the Susie - if only for the pure creative pleasure of reviewing her outfits. Her tunic at the dinner party? Looks like something Bette Midler would wear in her dressing room during the filming of Beaches. Her fannypack and turquoise get-up at the theater? Carrie Bradshaw wishes she had worn it on her trip to Atlantic City.

-Ricky Gervais : honestly, dude, are you Johnny Cash? If not, then there is no reason for you to only wear black. Oh you're English, so you can? Sorry buddy, but I think Simon Cowell would beg to differ. And the scarf? Wear a turtleneck. You're English, you're not supposed to try to look French. Oh and Mr. Simmington? Could you BE in anything that sounds more British? Sorry, I needed to have a Chandler Bing moment.

-Glad to see that LD and RG are back together again.

-LD is to Sully Sullenberger what Dane Cook is to Louis C.K.

Curb your political correctness...
-Woman on plane: "First Class so you get to do whatever you want to do. You're not acting 'coachy but first classy". This schism is quite a socio-economical dilemma, I agree.

-"I don't really know how to write cursive anymore".

-"I'm trying to elevate small talk to medium talk".

-Gervais on Oklahoma : "frivolous nonesense for the moronic classes". Sounds to me like how the English describe everything the Americans love ;)


  1. One of my favorite episodes ever! Favorite part was when Larry and Ricky are basically insulting each other about their own shows, and Ricky makes a point of saying he loved the laugh track in Seinfeld because it told him where to laugh, haha!

  2. Agreed. That was my favorite moment too.

  3. Yeah! I had thought of putting that in my Curb Your Political Correctness section but I forgot. What a great scene!

    I believe my favorite moment was the whole first class/coach debacle.

  4. I hope they have outtakes of this episode on the DVD. You know that Gervais and David cracked each other up filming this.

    Don't forget this classic exchange between Susie and Larry

    Susie: F*ck you Larry, I'm a girl.
    Larry: You're a girl? You're a witch.

    Great Susie episode.