13 June, 2011

Bethesda Hacked! User Info Stolen!

Bethesda, makers of the fantastic Fallout and Elder Scrolls series of games, announced today that several of their sites and forums "may have" been hacked and that user information "may have" been compromised.

So you can take it to the bank and cash it that not only DID the entirety of their online properties get hacked but that your information was most DEFINITELY stolen.

Bethesda suggests that anyone with accounts on their properties "immediately change passwords on all our sites" but I think that isn't enough and that they are being short sighted as to the significance of such an intrusion.

Hackers count on the fact that end users are lazy and that they won't change passwords.  But not just for Bethesda properties, that isn't really the goldmine or a reason to do it for them.  Many people keep the same password with the same email address as their registration contact for almost EVERY SITE on the Internet that once a hacker has your email and password, the hacker owns you.

So if you had a Bethesda account and you were using the same password for any other account anywhere, change EVERY PASSWORD because once they have one, they could use your one compromised account to get it all.