26 November, 2012

Review - The Walking Dead 3.07: "When The Dead Come Knocking"

I'll try and cut to the chase since I'm writing this review high on Thanksgiving leftovers. This episode took some time to get going but finished strong and set up what looks to be an exciting mid season finale. Aside from the very start, the beginning of this episode seemed a bit slow, including that oddly extended Carol reunion. I can understand the group's reluctance to let Michonne in fully, but that whole sequence took more time than necessary. I also couldn't figure out why Michonne wouldn't just speak up about having seen Maggie and Glenn get nabbed and the Governor's camp.

The highlight of this episode was undoubtedly the dual interrogations of Maggie and Glenn. Glenn taking on the walker while duct taped to the chair, and eventually using said broken chair as weapon was a walker fight for the history books, especially that primal scream at the end. And the Maggie looked as uncomfortable and disgusting as it was intended to be.

Other than a fondness for Dallas Robert leftover from "Rubicon" I wasn't overly interested in the Milton/Andrea scenes. The prison rescue group's encounter with the heard in the forest also felt dim in comparison to that solo Glenn fight. The conflict between Daryl/Merle is shaping up to be one of the more exciting elements with each having to decide between their blood relationship as brothers and the relationships they've made through shedding blood together with others. I give this one a 70 out of 100. A strong finish and it leaves me with a good feeling about things to come.

 Extra points:

 - "You do whatever you're gonna do; and go to hell."- Maggie

- "I telecommuted to work."- poor Milton!

 - My one weakness for Woodbury would be getting to have a turntable during the apocalypse.

 - Gunshot wounds barely even slow Michonne down!

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