28 October, 2012

Review - The Walking Dead 3.03: "Walk With Me"

Welcome to Woodbury! Andrea and Michonne get the spotlight this week as we meet a new group of survivors and…Merle's back! The highlight of this week's episode though was clearly the introduction of The Governor, the mild-mannered, yet cold-blooded leader of the Woodbury group. Morrissey's portrayal of the character seems good so far and his balance of both righteousness and viciousness makes for a refreshing new moral conflict. He's twisted yet not totally unsympathetic, which should make for more intriguing stories going forward. The Governor also furthers our understanding of the zombie virus by pointing out that "everyone turns". And I'm glad they chose not to leave out the wall of zombie heads that was such an awesome piece of the comics!

The show also did a nice job of recreating the picturesque setting of Woodbury. The "oasis" feel of it adds to the allure, but its very existence is dependent upon the type of leadership the Governor doles out without remorse. Clearly this will be an issue going forward, and it creates a different perspective on the issue of Rick's leadership abilities, which has gotten tiresome recently. The reappearance of Merle was another big piece of the Woodbury story, and his interrogation scene with Andrea was a nice reintroduction. However, I'm obviously looking forward to his reunion with brother Daryl more.

Michonne remains a mystery and we find out that Andrea doesn't know much about her either, despite their time together. Her execution of the "pets" also leads Andrea to believe she might have been placing too much trust in her new friend. Michonne is definitely my favorite part of the new season and I enjoyed the way she's playing the line between trusting Andrea, yet not wanting to let her guard down too much. She's a great addition to the group and it seems logical that her trust issues will factor into some of the Woodbury story as well. Overall, its great this season to have multiple settings and multiple character stories; a nice change from being stuck on the farm last season. Presumably the two groups will eventually collide one way or another and that will definitely make for some intense moments.

I give this one an 80 out of 100- the episode does a decent job of introducing some new characters and setting pieces in place for the rest of the season. Doesn't have quite the intensity of the last two, but things still seem to be moving forward well.

Quotes etc.

- "My shit never stopped being together."- Michonne

- That stock helicopter scene felt very "Apocalypse Now"

- If I'm not mistaken that was Dallas Roberts as the doctor- I was having "Rubicon" flashbacks

- No check in with Rick and Co. this week but most likely they've settled into the prison. Any thoughts on what episode Lori gives birth to the devil spawn in?


  1. The episode was alright. The governor having a wall of heads. WTF. I don't read the comics so i don't know what that is about. Cool to see Meryl again. I really liked his line, the same one in the season premiere trailer, it was good.

    I would've liked to have seen Rick & Co. But i get that they have to set up these characters. So its alright.

    And, in which episode will Lori will give birth to the devil spawn? My guess would be towards the end of the season. Or maybe even the last episode of the season. I know thats a cliche answer, but thats uselessly how things like this turn out.

  2. I would say you're probably right about Lori, it just seems like they are making her look too pregnant to last 7 more episodes. I did think we would at least get a check in with Rick and Co, if only to see how one-legged Hershel was doing. Also, the wall of heads doesn't really have an explanation in the comics either, the Governor is just an f'ed up dude like that- I just enjoyed it because it's one of the few things that honestly looks cooler on TV than it was in the comics.

    1. How pregnant is Lori anyway? I think in the show they said like 8 months. Or something like that. I dunno. And yeah, come to think of it i really would have liked to have seen at least Hershel. Good old stumpy, lol.