17 October, 2012

Furycast 48 - Revolution of Fringe Zombie Strahovski's

In this episode, VladyGG and HGF discuss the presidential debate, REVOLUTION, THE WALKING DEAD, DEXTER, Yvonne Strahovski, FRINGE, HOMELAND, plus more.

00:00 - 00:32 Testify by Rage Against the Machine
00:33 - 03:32 Presidential debate #2 (overall debate #3)
03:33 - 15:21 REVOLUTION (we also talk a bit about HEROES and other geek shows)
15:22 - 22:06 THE WALKING DEAD
22:07 - 22:51 DEXTER and Yvonne Strahovski
22:52 - 26:24 FRINGE and the continued fan wars
26:25 - 27:02 HOMELAND and why VladyGG is a cunt-twat
27:03 - 27:47 End Talk about a future podcast
27:48 - 28:13 Voice of the Voiceless by Rage Against the Machine


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  1. You're calling me out! Me! How dare you! lol. But in all seriousness, I have to be honest. I'm not a huge metal head. I do listen to Metallica, Motorhead, and some others. But compared to you guys, i know almost nothing. But, knowing you two, it should be an interesting listen.

    Glad Revolution is doing well. Walking Dead was great. Those 2 minutes with Yvonne on Dexter were good. And finally, those Fringe wars are crazy, dude! Holy crap!

    Btw, i like the new pink Fury Cast logo. Now whenever i see pink, I'll know its Vlad. :)

    1. "Btw, i like the new pink Fury Cast logo. Now whenever i see pink, I'll know its Vlad"

      Et tu Jimmy?


  2. "Now whenever i see pink, I'll know its Vlad."


    Oh my... I couldn't have said it any better.

  3. You guys are very entertaining. Consider me subscribed.

  4. fringebloggers and seriable are joshua jackson/peter bishop haters.

    Here is what they had to say after seeing the promo for episode 504 (peter was doing a lot of stuff and olivia had practically no scene):

    *My only regret could be: what is Olivia’s role in all of this, is she now only reduced to be the mother of Etta and Peter ex-wife, hopefully not.

    *And yes, I’m also thinking about Olivia’s role. So far it seems she might really just end up being Etta’s mother + Peter’s wife and nothing more. I don’t want her to spend the entire season just trying to mend her relationships with these two and have no real impact in the grand scheme of things. That will be extremely disappointing.

    *it’s bloody time was not linked to Peter’s importance in the mythology but rather it’s bloody time that we get some action and real interaction with the Observers.

    As for Olivia’s role, wait and see but I fear we will be disappointed as I just read that Wyman said on Twitter that the Cortexiphan trials and kids will not be in play in season 5 and he barely mentioned Olivia in his replies…

    *Olivia’s role: It does seem like disappointment is in store. I want future episodes to prove me wrong though. So badly. This might be my bias talking because I do love Olivia the most. But since this is the final season and there won’t be another to make up for things, I will continue to worry and complain if I feel they aren’t going anywhere with Olivia this season

    *So in the trailer promo for season 5, Peter is the driving force for making Fringe events. But in this promo, he seems helpless and sort of…Pacey-like. And it’s WALTER’s idea. Understand that I am a huge fan of the show and that I think each of The Big Three is equal to the Other Two in terms of importance…it does seem like Peter is getting marginalized a bit. I think John Noble is great. I think Anna Torv is great, and recently, going back and watching some old eppys, they really are phenomenal.

    But as regards the character of Peter, I thought they did that a little with him at the end of Season 4. For a guy with a 190 IQ, this character seems to be lacking something.

    *Apart from olivia being a more realized character towards the end of the show, coming to terms with herself, her abilities, her family, I hope she plays a pivotal role in defeating the Badservers. (Is she important even if she weren’t dosed with Cortexiphan?) She is after all the central character of Fringe. I have invested in the tales of Fringe through her eyes, the FBI agent. I will be saddened if she becomes a mere plot device to bring this series to conclusion.

    *Promo is impressive and really action-packed. Needs more Dunham action though methinks And I still don’t get why Peter needs 2 guns…

    And that's just comments for a 22 seconde promo video.

    Don't even let me start on the harsh comments they have on joshua/peter each episode.

    And you wonder why there is a war??

    1. This is all so fuckin' ridiculous... but it makes me laugh so keep it going!

    2. why is this ridiculous?

      don't you see, don't you get where the hate comes from the first place??

    3. Looks like someone has an opinion... and someone else can't handle it.

    4. Patty you poor poor thing. Willingly going to those sites even though you know what you are going to find there, reading those hurtful comments, copying and pasting snippets of their posts here hoping you will find comfort where it is mostly the opposite - Peter lovers, Olivia haters. It is the same everywhere, isnt it?

      Those people should be ashamed of themselves. Writing those comments for you to see. How dare they like one FICTIONAL character over the other? Come here I will give you a hug <3

    5. you poor poor clueless thing, thinking that patty is the only person who doesnt like anna torv.
      Yes, anna has one person who dislikes her in the whole wild world, but the rest of the world loves her.....NOT. LOL
      Newsflash: there are a lot more people who dont like anna, just look at the ratings! LOL

      and i just copied and pasted those comments, because there were several comments on the previous thread who denied that these kinda comments existed.

      and it's not about liking one fictional character over the other. It's about liking one character and hating the rest of the characters. anna torv fans hate it when their character doesnt get the special treatment = screentime. (see the comments above as proof).

      and yes, i like coming here, at least it's fair here. very different from fringebloggers/seriable aka anna torv lovers.

      so come here so i can give you a smack to your head <3!

      with love,

      not patty

  5. It's the bitchy anna torv fans who want anna in every scene. And if you dare to cut back on her sceentime...

    They even hate georgina haig, can you believe it?
    but i like georgina. Great actress, she is
    bad-ass and vulnerable at the same time. And the most importante: Georgina can cry with tears on her face.
    something anna torv has yet to do: she only cries dry tears. never so her actually really cry, with or without the wig.

    1. georgina haig is a greater actress than anna torv, for sure.
      Hope to see her in many movies after fringe

  6. Alias for example was a great show.
    jennifer garner was a true talent. she caried her show on her own.
    all the previous jj leading ladies won big important awards like the golden globe or the emmys (jennifer garner, evangline lilly, keri russell).
    AND their show was a hit.
    anna torv had none of the above.

    jennifer was the one and truly star of her show. she had personality and charisma that translated itself on screen. (and was funny too, check her bloopers on alias)
    the writers on fringe had to depend on john noble talent to bring some life and passion to the show.
    anna torv is like olivia in real life ( hardly appears on the bloopers, too serious.

    1. John Noble and Anna Torv both are doing a great job in fringe and they deserve all the awards, if they still have not won these awards this does not disparage their jobs on the show, both are on the list of those deserving of awards, both they are praised by critical and are respected and loved by fans......

    2. "Anna torv is like Olivia in real life ( hardly appears on the bloopers, too serious"
      That is not what she shows in her interviews, she is a woman relaxed, sympathetic and very funny laughing and do you know it, because in your youtube account has more videos her than Josh

    3. Alias was a great show and jenhifer garner was leading actress material.
      Anna torv? not so much. Jennifer Garner owned her show. But on fringe It's John Noble who owns it.

    4. patty, why as much jealous of Anna Torv leave her alone

    5. Olivia,immutable sour face has done a few spectacular things with Cortexiphan, but she has whined more about it than proven her skills.

    6. The only thing that could me more entertaining about this back and forth sparring is if you all would put numbers after the "anonymous". But, then, for all I know you may be just one person with a Sybil thing going on.

    7. I have considered forcing people to log in via an account but it would probably result in no one commenting so... I am leaving it... FOR NOW!

    8. I was just hoping the "anonymous" ones would do it voluntarily like I did before I got a Google ID.

  7. and by jj i mean jjabrams

  8. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. You can say what you want about her talent but stay away from comments about the person based on conjecture.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. (even though the comment has been rightfully deleted)

      Why does it even freakin' matter what ANY actor is like off the set? They are actors and should be judged by their work on screen.

      When I go to work, I want my colleagues and bosses to judge my based on what I do there, not what I do or what I'm like in my spare time.

      I'm sure most people feel the same way. Yet, somehow whackos judge actors-a profess that by definition is someone who is SUPPOSED to pretend to be someone else--by some different standard.

      Utterly ridiculous, Anonymous.

    4. (FYI, I removed my original comment due to a typo)

    5. ...and I still have typos. Sheesh. Thankfully, I write a little better at work.


      judge my=judge me

      Wish this thing had an edit button.

    6. I think I was more furious than angry. :-)