26 September, 2012

Review - SOUTH PARK 16.08: 'Sarcastaball'

The 8th episode in this 16th season, and the 231st in the series, comes only FIVE MONTHS after the previous episode because these silly cable networks like to space these things apart to extend the length of seasons without ordering more episodes.

What dicks.

Randy becomes concerned about rules changes meant to stop concussions in football and takes action to change the game forever by making sarcastic suggestions in a PTA meeting that the board takes seriously. It then appoints Randy as head of his new type of football where the players wear bras and tinfoil-hats instead of helmets. Also, instead of a ball the game is played with a balloon. And the player who catches the balloon tries to run while all the other players hug.

He names it Sarcastaball.

Unfortunately for Randy, his sarcasm totally falls on dumb ears. The country happily and excitedly takes to this new sport. And Butters give a rallying speech about a kinder gentler game.

The NFL Broncos then hire Randy to coach the team and newly changed game-play.

Later, Butters has a wet dream and we learn he saves his creamy goo (what the fuck is he going to do with it?!). When Cartman worries that he just doesn't have the creamy goo fortitude to be good at Sarcastaball, Butters shares with him his goo which Cartman slurps up enthusiastically.

We also get a timely jab at the replacement referee problem, proving yet again why SOUTH PARK is the most unique show on television, able to put something that just happened into the show.

Anyway, so Randy becomes so consumed by Sarcastaball that he can't stop being sarcastic. Others have the same problem. The sport is turning everyone into fuckin' sarcastic douchebags!

Meanwhile, the little boys' team is drinking Butters' performance enhancing spank juice to get an edge over the competition. Soon the whole country is on Butters' Creamy Goo. Best served just above room temperature.


Stan: Dad, do we really have to wear bras?
Randy: [sarcastically] Yes Stan, this is what people want. Don't worry, you look really cool.

Butters: [upon waking up] Daaaaad! It happened again. More of my creamy goo came out.

Cartman: I don't know what to do. Kids are starting to make fun of me because I'm no good at Sarcastaball. I suck at being nice and polite! I am so good at sucking, I should work at a Thai massage parlor.

Butters: [showing Cartman his spunk collection] My goo doesn't come out every night, but I sure do seem to have a surplus of it.

Randy: [after drinking Butters' Creamy Goo] This is cum.

Butters: What's sarcasm and what's cum?
Stephen: We'll talk about that when you're older.

If I had to rate this episode, and Butter's Creamy Goo says I do, then I'd give it:

88 out of 100

The episode was obviously a shot at the pussification of the NFL as well as the replacement referee problem and PEDs. But also a social commentary on the evils of sarcasm! As such it definitely works. Sure, the point of it all is hammered along a bit too much but when you consider that these things are conceptualized, written, voice acted, and animated in a week, it becomes more impressive.

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  1. Thats CUM, friggen lost it when he said that