10 September, 2012

Furycast 39 - Deadly Whores

In this episode, Jess and Magnus discuss a bunch of topics. View the list below for the information and time.

Consider EVERY discussion a potential SPOILER discussion.

00:00 - 00:17 Musical Intro - Metallica, Rebel of Babylon
00:18 - 02:00 Podcast Opening
02:01 - 04:34 GO ON pilot episode
04:35 - 07:24 ANIMAL PRACTICE pilot episode
07:25 - 11:11 REVOLUTION pilot episode(s)
11:12 - 18:34 Stuff that leads into BBC America's COPPER
18:35 - 21:37 DOCTOR WHO and that leads into discussion of fandoms
21:38 - 24:47 DOWNTON ABBEY
24:48 - 30:30 The problems with reality shows like SURVIVOR
30:31 - 31:21 End of episode
31:22 - 31:52 Musical Outro - Metallica, Rebel of Babylon

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  1. Never seen the GO ON pilot. I may or may not check it out. Also the movie with Matthew Perry and Bruce Willis is called the Whole Nine Yards.

    Animal Practice was okay. I'm going to continue to watch. See how things progress. They've already changed the lead actress, awhile back. She was in the version of the pilot that aired after the Olympics. Btw, yes. That monkey is Annie's Boobs. :)

    Can't wait for Revolution . I know that the pilot is available online. But im gonna wait til it airs live. That's just my choice.

    This is actually my first season watching Doctor Who live too. So i guess we have that in common, lol. I recently became a fan of the show. It was a little bit after Chuck had ended.

    Great job. Can't wait to hear the next one with Vlad. :)

    1. I thought I said "The Whole Nine Yards".

      That monkey sure is popular.

      Anyway, thanks for the comment Jimmy!

  2. Jimmy is right about the lead actress on Animal Practice. It is Joanne Garcia Swisher (she recently married Nick Swisher of the Yankees). Totally should have followed up with Jessica on why she is crazy - now that is interesting.

    I only liked The New Normal out of the NBC pilots. Couldn't get through Revolution. I found the actors very uninteresting in that.

  3. I watched the Revolution pilot and to me it was really good.

    If it can keep the quality up it has a chance to be the next great television series in my opinion.

    It had a similar feeling to Lost and the Walking dead in certain places.

    It was kinda weird seeing Billy Burke play the heroic lead character in this because i remember him playing an abusive violent father on 24.

    I know as an actor that's his job but still.

    An interesting premise though i feel that in real life governments wouldn't fall because the electricity goes out.

  4. If i may make an observation about the Matthew Perry comedy Go on.

    I didn't find it funny either and i don't think the premise of the show is good for a comedy.

    His wife died i thought that was sad.

    The woman in the show didn't seem to have chemistry with Matthew Perry and the jokes seemed contrived.

    I know acting is actually contrived but it's not suppose to come across that way if you want it to be good.

    Go on is the worst pilot i've seen in the last couple of years and is a piece of shit.

    Which means Go On will be a huge hit and will finally be the show that puts NBC back on the map.

    Meanwhile Revolution had the best pilot this year but will get ratings similar to what Awake got and be cancelled after 13 episodes.

    1. Last night GO ON received a 1.8. Granted, for an episode lots of people had already seen. But as I said on the podcast, I can't imagine it will do well. The premise is depressing.

  5. Agreed with the thoughts on "Go On"; nothing about it seemed very funny and I didn't love Matthew Perry in it. I was surprised though, because I was a fan of the short-lived Mr. Sunshine when it was on ABC, and I liked him much better in that.

    "Revolution" didn't do much for me either. I'll give it a few more episodes, but I wasn't blow away. Also, young pretty chick was very blah as a character. It feels like NBC went to casting and asked for the B-Movie version of Jennifer Lawrence in the Hunger Games, and they got the C-Movie version instead.

    Based on both your comments, and the story about the cat, I may check out the Animal Practice pilot.