24 August, 2012

Review - SUITS 2.10: 'High Noon'

Who says USA is afraid to go away from the status quo? After just three minutes of the mid-season finale of 'Suits', they made a SHOCKING (!) move and removed Jessica from control of the firm -- changing everything we've come to know and love about this show.

I mean, it was intense! Harvey tried to convince Jessica to quit the firm and take a year off of being a lawyer. That would have REALLY shook things up on this show. Instead, Jessica convinced him to relax for a bit, wait and not make any major life decisions when he was angry. Then, he decided to piss in Hardman's office.

And then, after a brief stoned period, Mike and Harvey figured out (in about 10 minutes or so) how to return 'Suits' back to what it was during the first three minutes of 'High Noon' and every other previous episode. Congratulations, USA, you've done it again. You should be proud.

Another thing to be proud of: The CRAZY twist at the end that had Rachel knock on Mike's door, only to find that he had another woman in his bed. And to think, I totally thought the knock on the door was going to be the pizza guy. Boy, am I dumb. I thought Mike and Rachel were going to be together forever without any more distractions/interruptions/obstacles/break-ups or significant others.

Crazy twist #3: Louis begins the episode totally against Harvey and ends the episode on his side. That's a storyline and avenue they just haven't explored yet on this show. Once again, original writing at its finest.

The only good part of the episode was the revelation that it was Hardman that planted that document. It was one of those "Oh, shit" moments that we love so much about TV. We are surprised and delighted at those developments and simultaneously question why didn't see that coming because they dropped subtle clues (like Hardman finding the dirt on Tanner himself) on us. That was a cool way of further paying off those good episodes earlier in the season regarding the Tanner-Specter storyline.

But that's not enough to save this episode. Going into the mid-season finale, we KNEW that there would be a Rachel-Mike cliffhanger, we KNEW that Pearson was going to re-gain control of the firm and force Hardman out and we KNEW that Louis would switch his allegiances. So how great can the episode be if it plays out exactly the way anyone with a brain knew it was going to?



--JESSICA (to Harvey): "You don't make major life decisions when dealing with a loss." (Cut to Mike buying weed ... oh come on, that's not a major life decision!)

--TESS (to Mike): "I'm married." (Hey-oh!)

--LOUIS (to himself): "If you were a narcissist with great hair, what would your password be?"

--MIKE (to Rachel): "You think not kissing is gonna make that any better?"


--A generally decent guy, acting like a tough-guy douchebag and treating women like shit because he suffered a loss and is just being vulnerable and doesn't want to admit it ... that never happens on TV!

An emotional guy, acting like a tough-guy dick when dealing with a death in the family? That never happens on TV

--OK, seriously, Tess looks like she's Donna's younger sister. They HAVE to be related. I don't care if Donna's real name is Sarah Rafferty and Tess is played by Elizabeth Hower.

--Every time they tease the can opener thing I get excited we're finally gonna learn about it. But then I realize, they will drag THE SHIT out of this like they do Mike/Rachel and Mike/his secret being found out. Curse you, USA.

--Shaquille O'Bryant. Haha.

THE SCORE: 56 out of 100


  1. The cliffhanger should have been Harvey and mike finding out that hardman was behind everything and they should have slow burned it more. Why did they reset everything? Because some idiot executive believes that a show that challenges the status quo is a bad thing.

    This reset has really diminished Jessica's character to be honest, she lacks agency, if they slow burned some of this then they could have seen Jessica actually help get her firm back instead of being an observer. Jessica is supposed to be a bitch...show us that man!

    Mikes love life is just shitty tv, that kiss he had with Rachael was just so awkward, scratch that, really awkward! You can tell the writers have no interest in them because they only address them during premiers and mid season or seasonal finales...when they went on a date the show did not even invest in a dinner set for a small dinner scene....we saw after dinner, lol!

    Overall they had the right idea but they just blew it by cramming it in all one episode instead of the rest of the season.

    1. They did have a dinner scene but they cut it out in the final edit. Haven't you seen the picture of them two having dinner?

  2. Mike's love life is always the worst part of any episode. I'm thinking they need to send Rachel away to law school pronto because the 'will they/wont they/who fucking cares either way' is an anchor around the characters' neck. It's obvious they don't give a shit about Rachel beyond her ass and hair because her personality changes depending on the plot of the episode and none of them are interesting. And now we're going to get the next half of the season of Rachel being self righteous about the fact that Mike slept with someone else even though they're not together, and even though this is the same person who jumped Mike as he was talking about his girlfriend. No sympathy, no interest.

    This show needs to get back to what it was in season 1. There are already great legal drama's in existence and Suits is never going to be one of them.

    1. Even though Eli says that his favourite legal drama is Boston Legal that show was not a great legal one either per say. It was a show that allowed David E Kelley to use his characters to air his grievances with the political, socioeconmical and deographical issues with the government. I do not think there is or has been a great legal show out there to be honest. The law is kind of boring and tedius I hear, so the best a show can do is focus on characters and how the general law affects them and I think Suits has done that quite well over the past 2 seasons.

      Some of it is a little too much sanctimony and bullshit but otherwise they are ok. We shall see though!

    2. "Boston Legal that show was not a great legal one either per say."

      Do you mean "per se"?

      It is important to learn the meaning of things, people!

    3. Fucking IPAD! I will write to Apple right now! But I should have double checked my post first so there is fault all round!

  3. Eli
    Even tough you said I wasn't going like the review. I think I liked it more than I thought I would. I paniced when I saw your directed message email(can't go to the twitter website for some reason) Everthing was intense for about 3 minutes then the rest was just ohh we know it would be fine in the end. >.> I did not like how everything got resolved so quickly. TheMike and Harvey getting stoned together was a funny scene. One good thing came out of this episode.

    And the Donna situation was quickly resolvd too. Though the show without her was just not right. :P