10 August, 2012

Rating Wilfred 2.08: 'Truth'

Why do you think no dogs died in the Holocaust? Because we knew it was coming. -- Wilfred

FX says: Wilfred's nemesis makes an offer that rocks Ryan's world.

I say: We don't have In-N-Out Burger here in the NYC area. That sucks. We don't even have Chick-fil-A here for me to protest in front of or anything. Hell, we don't seem to have ANY fast food restaurant with a hyphenated name!

Wilfred: Do you not hear me, man?! Doomsday is upon us! A massive apocalyptic nightmare so unimaginable, grown men will weep like children. And the children that they weep like will eat other children. Oceans will boil over. And fiery death will rain from the skies! AND THE GROOOOOUND WILL SHAKE UNTIL THE EARTH ITSELF WILL BE GLEANED INTO TWO!

95 out of 100

Thought provoking and disturbing on some level but with little bits of tasty goodness just around each corner.

What do you think?


  1. Excellent episode that had a very deep emotional core. Ryan realising that he is nuts was one thing but letting Amanda go for her own good was great character work by all involved.