11 July, 2012

Review - COVERT AFFAIRS 3.01: 'Hang Onto Yourself'

Annie and the rest of the staff find themselves in an unfamiliar situation.

I've often felt that USA shows lack a certain depth that I enjoy in my dramas. Though, they are not complete fluff in that department. There is certainly weight to shows like BURN NOTICE, WHITE COLLAR, and this little thing called COVERT AFFAIRS, but most of the time there is a predictable atmosphere around these shows that makes them nearly procedural in nature.

I guess someone at USA decided to kick some ass in 2012 and change things up because so far we are at least seeing the cage rattled on these shows. The question is, does it work... better?

The episode opens up by eliminating one of the kind-of main characters. Seemingly for good. Though, if not for good, wouldn't the CIA (or whoever took over the investigation) do DNA tests on the charred remains? Granted, whenever you write a show like this, you have the freedom to suggest to the audience that anything is possible and that a spy could have his DNA records altered to represent a stand-in corpse.

Though, once you kill off a character in this way, you should make it stick so that it carries weight with the audience for the rest of the series, because if you just bring back characters you have killed, then the audience eventually feels no fear for anyone... you know, like on BURN NOTICE.

In any event, following the shocking and explosive death of Mohinder, Annie is transferred to some super secret radical operations group where the missions and lines of leadership are determined by the operatives themselves. This element does inject new life into what was otherwise becoming a predictable, though comfortable, part of the show. However, it would be natural for the audience to worry about the loss of screen-time for their favorite main/secondary characters from Annie's previous department. Though, at least based on this episode, those characters will continue to be part of Annie's episodic world. Especially Auggie, my favorite, who often gets bucked up to a new job, only to demote himself back to a position where he can be of use to Annie.

Speaking of which, the writers decide to avoid the whole Annie and Auggie relationship question that existed at the end of last season. Sure, there seems to be an affection there but the writers don't even bother toying with the audience. They just ignore it. No doubt they will toss it in at a later date (like next week). It is just something they use whenever they need it.

Now, I've said a lot but very little about the actual events of the episode.

It is serviceable enough. Piper Perabo is a capable actor, as are all the other actors on the show. The story involves the investigation into Suresh's death, Auggie's transition in his new role, Annie's new job, and a mission to find something about someone somewhere.

The mission? Shrug. Nothing much happens except Annie does the sexy-sex with a mark.

Tune in next week when Auggie and Annie get married.

If I had to rate this episode, and the ghost of Jai Wilcox demands I do and mention his name, I'd give it:

84 out of 100

Good enough with one shocker tossed upfront.

What did you think?


  1. just finishing watching the episode it was pretty good for there first episode back but I hope there next episode is better though.

  2. You summed it up well.