03 October, 2012

Review - SOUTH PARK 16.09: 'Raising the Bar'

232 episodes down, infinite number to go.

The question is, do I think they can keep things fresh and cool for another 16 seasons? And was this episode good? Find out after the blahblahblah.

Let me start off by saying that I have never watched an episode of whatever this Honey Boo Boo thing is and have only seen maybe 2 scenes by accident from that... thing. So I can't begin to tell you how accurate the portrayal on the show was to the real deal.  That also means I can't fully appreciate the idea behind it but I can at least view it from a perspective of pure entertainment.

In any event, what was this episode trying to say, in case it was trying to say something? Perhaps that the lunacy of modern-day fame extends beyond any notion of taste. Or that taste is truly unmeasurable and that anything can be entertaining. Would Honey Boo Boo's search for the perfect pig heart to blahblahblah be a ratings hit if it wasn't a spoof?

I bet it would.

Or was it actually just an episode about how out-of-control fat we have become as a country and how we are celebrating our obesity by catering to our elephant sizes with wider seats, scooters, and candy corn Oreos?

Yeah. That's the one.

The moral of the story is that fat people should all die. I think. Or exercise. Or that we should shame fat people more than we already do?

Or that James Cameron is an awesomely pompous douche who is smarter and more badass than all of us.

I don't think they had any clue what the moral of the story was when they made it (but I'm sure lots of people think it was "brilliant" because they want it to be). So, fuck it. It was just an episode that had some laughs.

Cartman: Dude, how come when we play baseball I always have to be the catcher?
Kyle: Well, because you've got good coordination, sharp reflexes, and you're fuckin' fat.

Cartman: [on his scooter] Yeah, no, this is a problem, Kyle. You gotta make your bathroom accessible for my mobility-scooter or else I won't be able to take a shit in your house.
Kyle: Then take a shit somewhere else!

Token: Kyle, Kyle, I'm trying to make compelling television.
Kyle: You got Randy Newman to do the theme song. You're not trying that hard.

If I had to rate this episode, and James Cameron's bravery song says I do, then I'd give it:

7.99 out of 100

It made me hungry.  I'm going to get one of those new Domino's pan pizzas, Mountain Dew, and a couple of heart attack sticks.

Bring me my mobility-scooter!
P.S. This review is me lowering my own bar...


  1. you really didn't get it, did you?

  2. FYI, Pizza Hut pan pizza is superior to the one from Domino's.

  3. Brilliant episode - Rubbish review

    1. You mean brilliant review, so-so episode. It is cool, I fixed it for ya.

    2. No dude your review was fucking terrible. This is one of the funniest episodes I have seen in awhile.

    3. You are so confused, I understand. I know you mean the opposite. It's alright.

  4. It was a good episode but not brilliant unless the bar for brilliant has been lowered since the last time the word was defined.

  5. I don't really know what you're saying in the review but I agree with the score. 2/3 of the ep was great then they ran out of things to say and got glued to the same point over and over. Sometimes the rapid schedule works for them and other times it doesn't. C+

  6. No one noticed the score is 7.99 out of 100? The Dominos pan pizza is on deal at $7.99. Hes yanking our chain.

  7. You should probably start reviewing shows fit for your level of intelligence like family guy. You totally missed all the subtext. If you insist on reviewing this episode, read some other peoples reviews, re-watch the episode, feel stupid for not understanding the first time and try again.

    Not saying your actual rating is wrong but even in your review you say "I don't think they had any clue what the moral of the story was" but it's not Matt and Trey that had no clue, it's you who just let the message woosh right past you.

    1. When I said that they had no clue what the moral of the story was, I was being what the dictionary calls "facetious."

      Since the message of the episode is spelled out... pretty clearly. And if you need me to restate that, then that explains why you are so disappointed.

    2. I like how he mentions subtext but misses the subtext of the review.

    3. SUBTEXT!

      I really think that should become a meme.

  8. This review sucked. If you don't know what it was about, or didn't like it, say so rather than just rambling through to a safe 7-8 rating. Why take the time to rate an episode that obviously didn't move you either way? Has the bar of internet rating really been lowered this far?

    1. I hadn't even watched the episode when I wrote it. I just wanted pizza.

  9. Ah I don't like you. Your review was awesomely stupid and South Park is clearly wasted on you. Missed the whole point, just woosh, went right past you.