18 July, 2011

Falling Skies - Free-fallin' with Episodes 3, 4, 5, and 6

Ever since I watched the premiere night (consisting of two episodes) this show has been collecting dust on my DVR. I had intended on watching the episodes sooner but just didn't feel all that motivated. I finally decided to dive into it again and here are some impressions:
  • Episode 3 is mostly full of dumb 
    • From how the rebel fighters are initially discovered on the roof (blondie carelessly knocks over a brick)
    • To the pathetic writing and acting that has a guy freak out and risk everyone's life to get his son (nothing believable about that moment)
    • To virtually every conversation in the episode 
    • It isn't even worth talking about beyond pointing out how it feels like it was written, directed, and acted by amateurs
  • Episode 4, continuing where we left off, has the captured Han Sawyer, who was made into the rebellion cook in the previous episode, now join our lame heroes on some mission to do something
    • At least Han Sawyer gets a half decent line when he is told he won't be allowed to go on the mission armed, "Unarmed? What am I Canadian?"
    • Two-bag blond has some conversation with annoying captain about not being trusted. On BSG this could have been a powerful moment. On this show, it is 12 levels below BSG but 47 levels above the writing and acting on V so...
    •  There is a strange audio anomaly when Dr. Carter says "If I wanted any parenting advice from an ex con..." that makes him sound like one of the aliens from the original V miniseries
    • I am mostly bored and consider deleting the show from my DVR but stick with it since Han Sawyer has to have something funny to say that will make all of this lameness worth it
    • A Harry Potter joke from Han Sawyer that is actually kind of funny "So what were you? Blood? Crips? Slytherin?"
    • Dr. Carter's kid has a hair style that gets under my skin for some reason
      • I just figured out why. . . I had that style 20 years ago
    • This captured alien subplot makes me want to punch a baby
    • "Guess what? I just made you the communications officer." I really like this actor and character (cool voice guy)
    • The sleeping alien orgy scene has to be one of the funniest things I have seen all week, and I watched a lot of comedies this week
    • Cute praying chick is a babe and should take over for now disappeared blond chick
    • "It's Dai, right? What do they call you for short?" Oh Han Sawyer you rascal
    • The interrogation scene between daddy dumb-dumb and the alien has some actual tension for like 10 seconds and then goes SVU creepy and goofy when he puts a gun in the aliens mouth
    • It's super smart to leave the kid, the mind controlling device, and the alien in the same room
    • The Children of the Corn are terrible shots, so they must be future stormtroopers
    • A whole discussion about Harry Potter? What demographic are they aiming at here?
  • Episode 5 starts with the acquisition of the drugs mentioned at some point in the previous episode and the continued babbling on and on about getting Dr. Carter's son, Obi-Wan, back
    • It is kind of cool that the "best man" for figuring out an early warning system for the aliens is a little kid and that I almost believe it to be possible
    • 80s hair seems to have gotten over the cute blond quickly and already getting shooting advice from two-bag blond . . . what a guy
    • Any idiot could have seen that the alien was going to grab a hold of that dude from WINGS and yet a genius lets himself get brain raped?
    • Thankfully cute praying chick is in a scene so I don't delete the show from my DVR just yet
    • 80s hair comes up with the Shuttle Tydirium infiltration plan
    • Good looking for an old woman doctor murders an alien . . . and then acting talent
    • 80s hair has to act all stiff like as he fakes his way into a hospital; this must be the actor's Emmy submission episode
    • Mama ET can't help but stroke his 80s hair as she sleeps, revealing that these aliens are both stupid and have no taste
    • Once they save all the kids and do some stuff, one kid dies and I don't care but at least the cute praying chick is there so it almost makes it worth watching
    • The writers try for emotional character moments at the end to make us care more and ignore the fact that the episode plot was terrible and it works on some level, especially if you are a major sucker for drawn out (cheesy) drama
  • Episode 6 and I am still watching because I recorded it and I like to finish what I start
    • So they saved Obi-Wan and some other kids from the mind controlling alien stuff
    • Cute praying chick is briefly in the opening of the episode which is good
    • Run away family dad drops his weapon on the ground and no one picks it up? Who in this reality would leave a perfectly good weapon behind?
    • Some new military leader type shows up after losing his unit and has a new battle order regarding an imminent attack from the aliens
    • The scene between Obi-Wan and the little radio expert is sweet and introduces an interesting detail about how the aliens were like family to their brainwashed human children
    • Two-bag blond and good looking old chick shooting is a scene in this episode
    • Did I mention already that this show is better than V?
    • I didn't think much of V
    • I do like this scene where the kid and the dude in the bus get attacked by the mech and the subsequent fight inside the school
    • If only the show did more things like showing how kids, who should be playing video games or skateboarding, have to become warriors, I would probably become more invested
    • The actor who plays Obi-Wan has a weird American accent . . . he sounds like he is from Ontario and it is ruining my suspension of disbelief
    • The end of the episode has a buildup that makes one want to tune in to see what happens next but will I?

My ratings:
Episode 3 - D+
Episode 4 - C-
Episode 5 - C+
Episode 6 - B

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