03 November, 2013

GeekFurious the Podcast 202 – 4-Points or why Chris Hardwick must die and Kumail Nanjiani rise up in his place

Magnus and Nacho Libre talk about many things. Discussions and times noted below.

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00:00 Intro
We talk about my new mic. Australians. Americans. Sucking poison out. Shrimp on the Barbie. How America works. Paul Hogan and so on.

Being banned from Nerdist Channel for asking about 4-Points. Plus Chris Hardwick.

4-points announcement.

Praise for MIDNIGHT, then call for the death of Chris Hardwick and the rise of Kumail Nanjiani.

18:14 POINT 1
What is it about the 80s that makes it such a pined for decade?

30:21 POINT 2
Kristen Stewart Hot or SUPER HOT?

35:02 POINT 3
Chris Hardwick: Dick or Not a Dick?

38:38 POINT 4
GeekFurious quitting in 2014.

Talk about faking a death like Tupac.

John Kennedy Toole talk.

Josh Robert Thompson.

53:51 Conclusion
Talk about Icelandic hot dogs and more rage against Chris Hardwick before experiencing an epiphany.


  1. Don't block me bro!!! Err ... ban.

    Chris Hardwick, dick or not a dick? You really convinced me. He's a maybe/maybe-not dick.

    But you know what Adam Baldwin!!?? You know what?? YOU'RE A DICK!!!!! Heheh.


    1. Hahaha goddammit that comment has an extra "Hehehee." at the end that I forgot I typed and then left in. Everything's ruined.

    2. At least Chris Hardwick never asked me to help him out, then punked me the first chance he got.

      Adam Baldwin did that.

    3. OMG did he!!?? Can you give us any more info than that or is it top secret? Either way, more evidence!! DICK!! ;-)

    4. Some day I will tell you about it in private. It's silly shit. But I've heard him do similar shit to anyone who doesn't buy into his bullshit political beliefs.

    5. LOL k, that is crazy shiz. Thank GOD I don't have to see his Twitter feed anymore, it's like someone just constantly vomiting onto my homepage. I recall seeing or reading some interview with Yvonne a couple years back where she said she actually had to unfollow him on Twitter because his tweets were so wacko hahaha.

  2. Damn. Nerdist doesn't take to kindly to question asking or suggestions. lol

    When it got to over a year, i knew 4 points was done. Which really sucks because i loved the show too. I agree on the lowering the budget oint. Maybe then it could have stayed on. Do the whole thing on a couch. That would've been fine and affordable. Just as long as Haslip is looks good. lol. And thanks for giving it a mini revival.

    Still like Hardwick. If he has an ego then, ok, whatever. I don't know him personally so it doesn't really matter to me if he's a dick or not. I really like Kumail. Whenever i see him he's always funny. You can see that on the podcast he and his wife, Emily, do. And i didn't know Baldwin did that to you. I've heard he's a nice guy, but occasionally does really douchey things.

    It'll be sad to see you go next year Magnus. But, we're not there quite yet. So i'll just look forward and support whatever else comes out till then.

    1. Thanks, Jimmy. But I will live on, just not on my own blog. :)

  3. holy shit he banned you for that too??? lol what an asshole

  4. If you asked "Where the fuck did 4 points go", maybe it had more to do with the aggressive language? "I hear that Chris Hardwick often comments on those things" sounds reliable, do you know his schedule? Seems unlikely most of the time. "I know people who know Chris Hardwick"? Are his friends or acquaintances going to get mad at him because you can't comment on a Youtube channel? "Hearing stories about him through the grapevine"? If you can't elaborate, it sounds like BS. I've met him and heard from people who don't hide behind the grapevine who say he is very nice. "The tighter you hold onto something the more it slips through your fingers", does this apply to Chris or Nerdist. Youtube channel is not his investment, he's doing it to try to create content. With Nerdist, he built it gradually over 5 years and sold it to an early investor company. Where's the evidence for the slip or the holding too tight? In conclusion, someone (you have no proof or evidence of who) banned you from commenting. You then lay the blame on Chris call him a tyrant, paranoid, and other names. His response to your tweet about him dying was as non-confrontational as it gets. Why didn't he block you on Twitter on the spot? That would make your narrative fit a lot better. To the overall point, I certainly don't think you should have been banned. I just don't see how that lead to calling Chris out for everything from being a tyrant to having a young girlfriend. All shrouded by "I've heard from people who know him" or "through the grapevine". Chris is self described as a control freak so I don't question some of your assertions, just the degree. You say tyrant or paranoid and yet he doesn't interfere at all with the other podcasts on Nerdist, some of which get low numbers. I've heard the same thing about many of the Youtube shows. He just picks people he likes and lets them create. This doesn't match the picture you paint. I've met the guy a couple times and I found him to be nice and engaging. Again, I don't think you should have been banned, but it wasn't a shot at you as a person, which some of this podcast was at Chris.

    1. I didn't ask "where the fuck did 4 points go" I said exactly what I asked. Which was where 4 points went, followed by the exact question I noted in the podcast, which was "Couldn't you have lowered cost and kept the format"?

      Which is when I got banned, allegedly

      As for you calling what I said BS, oh well. The people who know me know I'm not talking out of my ass..

    2. Not to mention that my comments were purposely hyperbolic. Because that's how we operate when having fun and bullshitting around with our friends.

      Perhaps he didn't block me on Twitter because he took the comment to be tongue in cheek. Since it was.

    3. 11:56 - "It is for asking where the fuck did 4 points go". It may not have been your comment on Youtube, but you did say it on this podcast. That's what I was going off of.

      If your comments were hyperbolic that makes more sense. You made it sound like you had some scoop on who the "real" Chris is without ever using evidence. If that was hyperbolic or exaggerated then a lot of my points I made are cancelled out.

      You say "As for you calling what I said BS, oh well." then "Because that's how we operate when having fun and BULLSHITTING around with our friends". It seems like you are saying it wasn't BS, but you were BS'ing, correct?

    4. Yes, I was being conversational in the initial explaining the question. That's not how I asked it. Actually, it was in a comment about Chobot's new show. I said something like "This is cool and all, but can we get 4-points back?"

      The response was about it not being financially feasible.

      So I asked... well, we covered this bit already. I simply asked if the format couldn't have been saved.

      As for a "scoop" on the "real Chris" well, at no point did I say I had a scoop. Just that I had heard some things. But at no point did I reveal exactly what I've heard. If anything, I said I had promised I wouldn't talk about it.

      I was joking about my rage toward Chris. Hell, I even said he wasn't a bad guy. Was I joking about the things I've heard about him? Shrug. No one will ever know.

    5. (but parenthetically speaking, there's no way to prove what someone tells you in private, that's why it's called hearsay in a court of law)

    6. I agree with all this. I just find it odd that your hearsay contradicts my hearsay, public statements from people who know him and my interactions with him. But, I do understand the logic of not being able to prove it.

    7. Why would you find it odd that two different sides view the same person differently? If you've lived long enough, you know that we are not one side of the coin. We're both sides and the edges too.

    8. (mind you, as I said on the podcast, I don't think Chris is a bad guy... and even if he banned me, for shitty reasons, I'm still a fan and still watch and listen to his shows... but don't tell anyone that, keep it secret, within these parentheses)