06 November, 2012

Furycast 53 - New Star Wars in 2015 and the Story of Ewok_Pudu

In this episode, VladyGG and HGF talk about the new Star Wars trilogy (trilogies) starting in 2015; the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney; the story of Ewok_Pudu; who will direct; and some potential spoilers about the future movies. Plus tons more about Star Wars in general. ALSO, there are outtakes at the end (around 1 hour and 8 minutes) using a lesser quality recording. It is mostly stuff we talked about after ending the podcast.

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  1. AUTOPLAY set for my convenience? I nearly had an heart attack when I had this opened in an other tab and the star wars theme blasted trough my speakers. After that it was nice though. :)

    1. We apologize for your near-heart-attack and encourage you to take one 81mg aspirin a day. ;)

  2. I know Disney spent a huge amount to acquire Lucas films and they did announce a new Star Wars movie would be coming out in 2015.

    However isn't it a little early to discuss this because a lot of films are planned but they stay in developement hell.

    I can't tell you how many films i've read about over the years that were planned to be made and were even casting but then for various reasons never came together.

    I've been disappointed several times when that happens.

    I remembered reading from George Lucas himself that he was planning on doing a television series on Star Wars over 10 years ago but that never happened.

    That being said i liked Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith they weren't as good as the originals and they could have been better in some aspects but i enjoyed them.

    I'm not a hater of the prequels and i would welcome and be interested in another Star Wars movie if it ever gets made.

    1. It isn't "too early" to discuss this since it has been in development over the past year and is a lock to happen by 2015. We actually talked about the TV show but it got cut in the edit. That is an entirely different problem as George wanted to have a 100 episode guarantee which no network was willing to give him, plus he wanted to make each episode for $4 million but make them look like they cost $20 million. Another problem.

      The movies are a much easier thing to make happen... and will happen as planned.

  3. I won't have a chance to listen until later. I was surprised there were no Dexter tags in the labels. I heard--though I had not access to Showtime this past weeked--there MAY have been some Yvonne hotness this past week.

  4. Magnus, you're such a Bullshiter! You don't know a damn thing you're talking about with those spoilers! :p

    But for real. Star Wars! Its pretty exciting man. Ive enjoyed all of the movies. The originals more so. The prequels i still like, i have no ill feelings towards them.

    Btw. Now whenever i hear an Ewok say that, im gonna think they're saying Blow job. Thanks Vlad!

  5. I appreciated Magnus' efforts with Chuck very much.

    I liked it because Magnus gave the fans accurate info on the shows renewal chances and he created a fansite for Chuck fans to come and discuss this.

    I don't like spoiler discussions where people give away what's going to happen before the movie comes out or the show airs.

    I try to avoid those at all costs and don't really understand why some fans want to know everything that's going to happen.

    I wasn't listening to the podcast when you revealed that Sarah was going to get the intersect as i would've been disappointed if i was.
    I would have gave Magnus credit for being right though.

    Also thanks Magnus for giving me the heads up on Disney planning three trilogies of films.

    When i first read about them making new Star Wars movies i thought it was just going to be one trilogy.

    It's interesting and also smart that Disney wants to do a Harry Potter with Star Wars.

    By that i mean we got 8 Harry Potter films.

    I hope they are all good films like Harry Potter.

    1. Actually, I never revealed Sarah would get the Intersect. I kept that under wraps. And that is a personal rule. Never spoil big story elements.

      The amnesia thing was something I posted BEFORE they started writing the scripts. I knew it was an idea they had based on info I was getting from a couple of sources and I was trying to get people to become outraged by it BEFORE it happened. Unfortunately, people dismissed it.... even though I had been accurate every time.

      And so they confidently went and wrote it into the story.

      Anyway, thanks for listening! And you should be happy I edited out two or three big spoilers for Star Wars in this podcast. I think I will keep any big ones to myself.

  6. Woohoo! We got a couple of phone calls from the same person slamming us! So excited to share it with you people on a future podcast. :)

  7. No surprise other sources confirming things you said on the podcast so now I'm super interested to know what you cut. Can you please share? Please please please please! Was it something big?

    1. I cut a piece of the discussion about who was going to direct (though left some of it in there). I cut a big spoiler about who dies... and how that character will.... still... be... involved... and I think I cut some stuff about how long they've been working on the plot... some settings... little things that I felt were a bit dangerous for my sources to have revealed already.

      But now that I think about it, I should have left it all in there since it now seems every "legitimate" source is going to leak it soon anyway. ;) Though, I am sure I will have big stuff to reveal down the line so I'm not too worried about it.

      Thanks for listening!


      Is it sad that I can't remember whether I cut things I think I cut or left in what I think I didn't... or whatever? Man, my mind is leaving me.

    2. Thanks. Only more intrested now.

  8. since you seem good at predicting things what will the ep vii story be?

    1. It will be about family, journey, coming-of-age, and tragedy.