Told from the perspective of multiple characters, A Kindling of Ravens is a story about loss, pain, belief, reality, lies, conspiracy, achieving your dreams... and what getting the thing you've always wanted actually means.

Chapter 1:
Virginia is a probationary officer in the System Police, a force patrolling the region between Earth and Jupiter. As she struggles to please the Sergeant in charge of her training, a series of incidents propel her toward an event that will change her forever.

Chapter 2:
Aleina is a ship commander in the Ydalir Militia who suffers from anxiety. After one of her pilots goes missing, she receives word from an unknown ship that they've rescued someone. The problem? They are so deep out in space no one should be anywhere near them. 

Chapter 3:
Soley is a captain in the Militia stationed on Ydalir. Her boring job leaves a lot of time to do just about anything. When the most famous person on two planets goes missing--the so-called Savior of Earth, Tommy Raven--, an underling begins searching for clues. What starts as a fun hunt for clues, results in death and infamy.

Part 1 - The Vanished Night

Chapter 1 - The Probationary Officer

Chapter 2 - The Independence

Chapter 3 - Tommy Raven


This is how I say the names when I write/read them. You can say them however you please. Consider that all the non-English looking names have hard-R sounds whenever you see an R.

Aleina Iravani: Ah-lay-nah Yuh-rah-vah-nee.

Björn Hrafns: Byuhrn Hrah-bns (despite people’s want to say his name as Byohrn, that is not how it would be said).

Daní: Dah-nee.

Eylífur Friður Hrafns: Explained in the story.

Elti: El-tih

Halldór aka Dóri: Hah-l-doe-r aka Doe-rih.

Karin Fjallhafsins: Kah-rihn Fya-dl-hah-v-sins (this name is complex since there is no sound like the double-L sound in Icelandic, so the closest to it is a DL sound).

Katý: Kah-tee

Kata: Kah-tah

Sóley: Soul-aye.

Part 2 - For Wolf Blood

Chapter 4 - The Confession
Chapter 5 - The Knife In Your Belly
Chapter 6 - Excelsior

Part 3 - The Chasmic Wound


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