18 April, 2015

STAR WARS The Force Awakens Teaser 2 Discussion

VladyGG & GeekFurious talk about the brand new Star Wars teaser... first part is non-spoilery & the second half (around 23:33) is a spoiler discussion related to each scene.

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CLICK BELOW TO WATCH the awesome teaser trailer.


  1. Still alive guys. lol

    Really liked the trailer. Can't wait to see the full one. Until next time!

  2. Hey dear Magnus. Great podcast as usual. I would like to ask something from you. Can I use one of your sentence as quotes, for some of my online profile in forums as a signature?

    " Internet is the place where people with personality disorders go to announce themselves to a world that ignores them in real life."

    1. Are you adding my name to the quote so I can become a legend? If so, of course. :)

    2. of course. which name would you like ? Geek Furious, Darth Razorback, Magnus, ?

    3. GeekFurious, Lord of Iceland and Chieftain of Time & Space.

    4. okay, deal. ;) , XD