12 January, 2013

Review - FRINGE 5.11: 'The Boy Must Live' or how the writers think you are all f**kin' stupid

Give me a break, guys.

If there is ever a category for lamest retcon in the history of sci-fi/fantasy television shows, it should go to FRINGE.

"The boy must live" suddenly means baldboy Michael?  Because he must return to the source like Neo and then everyone will see the error of their ways and then the Observers will never exist?

Of course if the Observers never exist, then the series of events caused by them will never exist, which means when Walter takes Peter back through the portal there will be no September there to save them and so NONE OF THIS WILL HAVE HAPPENED!!!!!

But of course that's not how it will go down because they will just make it fit even if it doesn't.

The writers think you are all stupid.

And perhaps a lot of you are. Or you will just eat up anything because it is the show you love.

For you guys, why do you read reviews? Why do you read comments about the show you love? Just to read someone agreeing with you?

Anyway, what a mess. What a joke of a final season. The writers, and any critic who praises them, should be embarrassed.

If I had to rate this episode, and I don't, I'd give it:

0 out of 100

A massive turd was just deposited into the mouth of a show I once loved. Thank the gods it is over next week.


  1. An embarrassing end to a once great show and you should read some of the reviews praising it. Who are these people?

  2. Soon as they said Michael was the boy who must live I nearly turned the tv off. I knew the writers hadn't taken any of it seriously. Thank god for you and your site because every place else is one big ass kiss. Looking forward to your reaction next week. At least I will be able to laugh about it all.

    1. I didn't even mention the whole daughter bit which I called weeks ago.

  3. Remember when you were the one tellign fans to calm down and let the story play itself out? Welcome to the club. lol

    1. And what did I say back then? If the writers treat the viewers like idiots, I would be the first to call them out on it.

      Apparently I am the only one calling them out on it.

    2. Funny how all the Peter fans are now angry when their boy is a little less important.

      Do not worry, Peter is still the hero, action hero and sharpshooter all at the expense of Olivia.

      Olivia, remember her, fantastic character, sacrificed to play lying and deceiving Peters wife,

      Olivia the great main lead, when Fringe was brilliant and exciting.

  4. I admit I'm f**kin' stupid. How else can I explain I'm still watching this turd of a show? Not stupid enough to explain away and give excuses for the inconsistencies, retcons and general fuckery though.

    Who in their right mind can swallow this garbage? "Observers experiment time differently! September was talking about his own son all the time! The context is not important!" No it's not important. Now bend over, fanboys, because Joel Wyman wants to practice some prison sex on you!

    Oh, and I didn't miss the bible. I got the message loud and clear.

    1. I am actually praying to the Jesus that they don't play it out in the most obvious way... but I know they will. So I am just looking forward to this show ending so I don't have people asking me when I'm going to write a review of the latest stupid episode.

    2. You should read the tweets Wyman gets, Vanity is his middle name, and his ego grows by the second.

      I will tell you the end:

      We all have to belive from the promo that the arrogant Bishop Boys are going to sacrifice themselves,
      but it will be Olivia who is going to die,
      (we only have to feel sorry for the Bishops)
      thanks to the overdose of Cortexiphan she gets from sugardaddy Walter,
      you know that nice man that gave her the needle treatment when she was al little kid 3 years old,
      So Olivia gets the red stuff to save the boy , and in 5.13 she slowly burns out and dies,
      Walter turns mad out of selfpity, he is the killer, but everyone has to go poor Walter.
      Peter does another round of pulling horrible faces crying,

      Last scene, in the parc Olivia with Peter and Etta, and Walter.
      The End.

    3. Ah, the Anna Torv troll is here.

      I have read Wyman's tweets and I'm perfectly aware he writes for the panderers on Twitter.

      You couldn't be more wrong about the end. It's amazing that you haven't realized that if you're reading Wyman's tweets or just by watching the show.

    4. I don't read showrunner tweets because I'm not a fucktard.

      Hell, I used to talk to a showrunner every now and then and you should see our back and forth DMs. I DON'T WORK FOR YOU! SO I DON'T LISTEN TO WHAT YOU TELL ME TO DO BRO! ;)

  5. The huge exposition dump was horrendous to say the least. I know shows like these that are always almost cancelled every year find it difficult to do long term planning and have to rely on some exposition but seriously that was awful. This show is terrible with dialogue too many times to be honest.

    The retcon was awful, I thought Chuck got me slightly pissed with all the shit they did in season 5 but somehow Fringe has made me even more pissed and that is some accomplishment. If the show does do away with the observers then September will never interupt Walternate finding a cure and therefore he will save Redverse Peter and so Peter will never come back to the blue verse and never meet Olivia and no Etta. Oh and if Peter never comes back than there is a whole lot of other shit that goes down that I cannot even consider.

    This is the problem when a show operates on the butterfly effect concept, there are millions and millions and millions and millions of different things that can change in a single moment that can change our whole destiny. If September does not exist what is to say that someonelse did not interrupt Walternate or something else did not happen...if Peter stays in the Redverse than does Roscoes son from the Firefly episode still live? if he does live do we see more albums from Roscoe because he never retires? Does Walter still continue with his cortexaphan experiments if he does not need to return Peter that he never took because....blah, blah, blah?

    Are Fringe the showrunner and show itself fucked? That would be a big 10-4!
    They have fucking planted themselves in a corner they will never be able to get out of and they will get the same shit thrown at them that the Chuck people and Soprano people and Lost people got thrown at them. Too bad.

    1. I don't think the "majority" (as someone just said) of FRINGE viewers are smart enough to realize they've been duped.

      Based on the reviews I've seen and the comments on those reviews, I think FRINGE may have the dumbest viewership in sci-fi history.

    2. Many haven't noticed the retcon and those who have are bending over backwards trying to explain it away or simply dismissing it as not an important detail. Aren't they cute? Retconning one of the keystones of the Fringe mythology is not a big issue! Perhaps they got sidetracked by the overload of emotions with that lovely scene between Peter and Walter under the rain? If that didn't blind you to the weakness of the rest of the script, you are not human! ;-)

    3. Or Olivia's fluttering eyes as she gazed lovingly into the ether of the impending multiverse something stuff love emotion pain joy yaddiyadda.

    4. This is the problem with all shows that go past 2 fucking seasons! lol. Person of interest is getting really good (for CBS!) that I know if they continue past this season they are going to try and stretch it out and it will get shitty. The author of this site says this all the time..the 2 season curse! Fringe, Chuck, Big Bang, HIMYM, Community, etc. It is also not just the big 4's issue now either it is happening on Cable too with Dexter peaking season 2 and Homeland peaking in season 1 before all shit hit the fan.

      I just think networks should just fucking give up the trying to do serialised shows and do crappy procedurals if in the end they are going to chicken out and fuck up in the end or snap and do something stupid and contentious just to be an asshole who wants to be remembered.

    5. Actually, what I say is that after 3-seasons that's when shows take a dump.

      I have said that a lot of fans turn on a show after the 2nd season because the newness of it all has worn off. But there are a lot of 3rd seasons that rock. ESPECIALLY COMMUNITY.

    6. 2 seasons or 3 seasons...pick one showrunners and just end your show because no matter what you are going to screw up in one way or another. Josh Schwartz during season 3 of CHUCK said that they made the decisions they made because they were trying to extend the show...end of season 5 he tells Sepinwall that when they were making season 3 they thought 3.13 was the end of the show that that was it....So not only does a showrunner fuck up the story they actually lie their ass off to protect their asses because they should have just quit while they were ahead. Same goes for Wyman and Pinkner...dudes...you should just left your show after 3.21 or whatever and never continued.

      Walter White once said to Jesse in the great FLY episode in season 3...that there was a perfect time for him to die. Where he would be remembered fondly for be a loving husband and dad who provided for his family and he could die in peace knowing he did what he had to do. I think TV shows have that moment too, they say what they say and do what they do and just die off gracefully, too bad like Walter the shows are too chicken shit to actually do that.

  6. I was confused because at first when September described the plan I thought he just meant that they would send Michael into the future so that the Observers would simply realize breeding out emotion was a bad idea, thus they'd be a more empathetic race and likely not invade earth in 2015 like assholes. But then Peter said "and the Observers will never exist" and I thought he just meant in their current form. But I guess what you all are saying makes sense and if they never sacrifice emotion for cognitive ability they won't ever develop the intelligence necessary to go back through time and thus September couldn't go back and save Walter and Peter.

    1. Well, until Peter said they wouldn't exist, I wasn't expecting that to be the storyline. But these writers make almost everything so fuckin' obvious because they think their viewers are halfwits. So, if Peter said it, I expect that's where they are going with it.

      But even if it was just a ruse, why would Peter and the rest of them go with that plan if that would be the end result? And why would Olivia think she could have her daughter back if they accomplish a task that wipes out those timelines?

      So either the writers think the characters are stupid or we are.

  7. If the writters think we're stupid and we're still watching is their assumption correct?

    1. The HIMYM effect or Florence Nightingale effect....we are either stupidly waiting for answers because we have invested this much time and just cannot let go and have to find out the truth...maybe it is ego or stubborness


      We are so used to this form of stupid abuse from the show and its writers that we do not even realise that we have invested 2 more years that is actually healthy for us.

  8. I have just probably figured out how they are going to kill the observers in the finale...possibly...remember earlier in the season when the show pointed out (via Etta in yet another clunky bitof dialogue) that the Observers breathe a different type of air then the rest of mankind and that they have warehouses which pump this said air into the world?

    Well I guess if the resistance (Walter) can somehow alter these places to pump out the chemical that closes all the orphases of the body and kills someone via suffacation but only affects the observers then that would be a way to go.

    Total guess...what you think?

    1. Whatever they do, I just want some action. Something that doesn't make me check the time every ten minutes, like I did during this episode.