29 June, 2012

Wilfred 2.02 - "Letting Go"

Having skipped over last week's "preview" of WILFRED's season 2 premiere which was actually the premiere but at a different half hour... which still makes no sense, today I tackle the actual premiere of an episode at the correct hour that continues from the events of the previous episode that was the premiere at... whatever. What exactly was FX thinking?

In the first episode of this season, Ryan escaped the mental hospital to return home and rediscover the basement he had found missing in the season 1 finale.

When this second episode starts, months have passed and his neighbor Jenna --apparently preggers in the last episode-- and her boyfriend are planning on moving to LA and getting married, even though Jenna has learned she isn't carrying Drew's spunkchild. We quickly discover that all isn't perfect in romance land.

Wilfred also seems to be in love with Drew and pretending not to recognize Ryan. Though the pretending doesn't last long as Wilfred tells Ryan that their relationship is damaged.

Meanwhile, Ryan's work buddy, Amanda, comes onto him like the ladies do when they want something. But his head is too full of misery over Wilfred and Jenna that he shoots the willing victim down.

As Ryan tries to find out dirt on the Jenna and Drew relationship, Wilfred flips the plot on him and makes it about them becoming better friends. This is obviously just Wilfred's usual manipulation of Ryan but the human buys into it virtually every time because he's a total perceptive lamer. This leads the two to enter into a doggie competition that will prove Wilfred's worth to Drew and Ryan's friendship to Wilfred... though, it's really just about what Wilfred wants and how he can use Ryan to get it while making Ryan feel like it is about strengthening their friendship.

When Wilfred realizes he can't win, Ryan suggest juicing up with some supplements. Wilfred suggests juicing up with hardcore performance enhancing steroid shit.

At the competition, Ryan discovers that by spending so much time with Wilfred he has helped Jenna and Drew repair their relationship. He then decides not to give his little antagonistic buddy the 'roids and instead uses a leash to motivate Wilfred's natural rage toward them to victory!

Except it kind of backfires as Wilfred goes kookoo for the Coco Puffs, pisses at the crowd, and generally wrecks the obstacle course. But when Drew mocks his "participant" award, Ryan gets his buddy back.

Wilfred then schemes to get rid of Drew.

Ryan asks out Amanda.

Quoting Wilfred
Drew: Wanna play catch? Huh? Come on.
Wilfred: Hells yeah! Catch is the shit!

Wilfred: Come on, Wilfred! Get your head in the game!

Wilfred: I remember you, Ryan. Memory is like the Packers when they're behind by two touchdowns in the fourth quarter. It comes back.

Ryan: So how have you been?
Wilfred: Wisconsin was kickass. There was a beautiful lake there. I took 37 shits in it.

Ryan: Wait. Wilfred, I need you.
Wilfred: Well I don't need you, Ryan woman, hear me roar. You're on your own.

Ryan: Look, Amanda, you seem great.
Amanda: Ooh, this is awkward. You know, I'm just gonna go have sex with whoever's in the mens room.

Ryan: Okay! Can we just s-slow down for a second?
Wilfred: Why? So we can spend the whole day talking about your problems, you selfish prick? I'm not Dr. Phil, okay? I'm Doctor Wilfred. And I only call myself that when I'm DJing.

Wilfred: It goes both ways, Ruhruhruh-Ry Sharona.

Wilfred: Lets on the count of three both say what we can bench. One, two three, thirty-five pounds. Hey! You didn't say it. Oh, oh what are you ignoring me now? Y-you better than me, you beautiful golden head prick?

Wilfred: See what I did there? I got super tired, stopped running, and started dry heaving. I've gotta not do that.

Wilfred: There's only one way I can win this competition. You need to put a jar of flesh-eating bacteria all over Jellybeans' legs and genitals.

Wilfred: I'm gonna need the good shit.
Ryan: You mean real steroids?
Wilfred: I'm talking about the back alley shit. The shit that Kathleen Turner uses. Think you can handle that bro?
Ryan: Wilfred, I...
Wilfred: See, this is how friendships work, Ryan. I scratch your back, you scratch the area directly above my penis until my leg goes apeshit.

Needy drug dealer: Hundred fifty bucks. And a hug.
Ryan: A hug?
Needy drug dealer: A long hug. I want it to be tender like we're sisters at a funeral.

Wilfred: We get it Beans. We all know you got tasty balls. No need to flaunt it. Jesus! Is there no limit to this guy's arrogance?

If I had to rate this episode, and Wilfred's leash says I do, then I'd give it:

90 out of 100

A nice return to form of the show I love. Tons of great lines and a funny episode that has a nice little message about friendship. Awwww.

Also, Amanda is a slut. My type.


  1. Thanks for putting all those quotes in your post! Wilfred’s season premier was hilarious. I don’t think I will ever get tired of Wilfred’s cynicism. I didn’t get to catch when it aired but I will admit I watched it twice at Dish online, and am probably going to watch it again later this week. After a long day of work a Dish I don’t think anything helps me relax more than laughing at a dog that thinks he’s a person counsel a pot head.

    1. Better... but just so you know, you are now automatically going into the Spam folder now. Time to change accounts!


      I don't use Dish because I like to watch TV when it is cloudy outside.

    2. Are DISH the service provider that is fucking with AMC? If so then fuck DISH!

      Great episode BTW, although at times the Wilfred manipulating Ryan becomes a little repetitive. Great start to the season, funny as fuck.

    3. I forgot that Dish is dicking around with AMC. Didn't they also dump G4?

      Fuck Dish.

    4. Then again AMC are ending Breaking Bad...the show so awesome that the dialogue also can be used for Emmy acceptance speeches....

      1) " I Won" - The opening line for Bryan Cranstons Emmy winning speech.
      2) "Stay out of my territory" - Bryan Cranstons warning to Laurie, Hamm, Olyphant, Hall, etc.
      3) "I am the one who knocks" - something awesome I am sure I just cannot remember how...lol.

      So many many more lines and yet AMC is ending it this year, assholes!

    5. Oooh! One more!

      From season 5 promo!

      1) "We are done when I say we are done!" - Cranston to the Emmy voters! Hell Yeah!