31 March, 2012

Review - FRINGE 4.16: 'Nothing As It Seems'

Lincoln: I really have to drink that?
Walter: Only if you wanna live.

Now that Pacey Poof has his Olivia back, the show is now ready to tackle the grander story arcs we all love (except those of you who don't love them).

Olivia Dunham, having now become the Olivia Dunham from season 3, is no longer someone the FBI trusts, exactly. So she is essentially put on the bench while they or she figure things out. It seems that Peter has decided to not tell anyone that he is in the right place and that the problem is rooted in what he did in the other timeline.

Why hasn't he told anyone? I guess he likes secrets.

At least we get to revisit something from a previous season, namely the porcupine man who died on that plane way back when. Except this time, he makes it off the plane before morphing into the monster and taking out some TSA agents. So the gang has to figure out what's going on and why things are different.

It's an okay storyline. If you are into this kind of thing. I'm not. And the monster's flying. Somewhere out there, a FRINGE fan is fapping away at this. Whatever is happening with this plot line relates to the grander story arc of this season, but the episode only hints at bigger things to come.

Tossed into the mix is Walter's gradual warming up to Peter, Lincoln's pining for Olivia while transforming into an eating machine after being infected by the monster virus or something, and the FBI's eventual acceptance of Olivia as a capable agent.

What's good about it? Well, the relationships we actually loved last season (and by "we" I mean me, because that's all that matters) are getting closer to existing again. Walter and Peter seem to be acting like father and son again (who is the genius in the writers room who thought stripping the most enjoyable portion of the show away was a good idea anyway?). Peter and Olivia are back together and being a super boring couple again. That's a good thing simply because we've stopped with the ridiculous "oh nos is Peter in da right place and is she the realzies Olivia?!?!?!". Lincoln is still a bitch. His alternate universe half is so much cooler.

If I had to rate this one, I'd give it:

75 out of 100

I am sure there are those of you who love this kind of episode because this is why you watch FRINGE. I need more. Sure, the Walter and Peter getting closer stuff I love. BUT I NEED MORE! There are just a few episodes left. They'd better get their shit together and make torture worth it or I will punch a puppy!

Man, this review sucks.


  1. This whole season has been incredibly uneven and disjointed in every aspects. The characters are going back and forth like yo yo's..

    Peter...She is my Olivia, she is not, this is not my home, it is.

    Walter...I have to be an ass to Peter or whoever this stranger is...he is my son, no he is not I have to attack him because he attacks Olivia...now he is my son and I have to give him gifts.

    Lincoln...I am in the worst Will They Wont They in television history where the sum total of my relationship with Olivia is a coffee late at night!!!!!! ooooohhhhh!

    The story has been an abomination this season! This was supposed to be Peters season but the show has been stuck on a crappy formulaic case of the week instead of addressing the main narrative thrust!

    Olivia has been awful this season as has Peter and Walter has just been incredibly obnoxious all season too.

    They are now using old cases...that tells you that they have run out of material and they have run out badly. They just keep blasting the music over lazy plotting, planning and Plausibility and accept fans to accept that as good storytelling!

    Are we supposed to root now for Olivia and Nina and Olivia and Peter or Peter and Walter because they throw in cheesy music over their scenes?

    The writing should take care of that not unearned moments that are infuriating. This show is just so lazy compared to better plotted shows like Archer or Mad Men or Homeland or Breaking Bad or Justified or any other drama out there.

    What a joke!

  2. I have noticed that you have not done an archer review of the finale. Can I please do it I absolutely adore archer and loved the finale. Please let me know what I have to do to make this happen.

    1. I could just email it to you and if you want to change anything or not use it or whatever you can let me know.

    2. Alright... but you are setting a dangerous precedent!

    3. Just emailed you my review. Thanks